my triplets! *PICS*

  1. Thought this picture deserved it's own thread. Someday the whole family will be up!

    how in the heck do you put a waterstamp on them..I think that's what it is called anyway

    anyway, these are the little triplets. I only ever use the reg. mono pap though...too scared to use the miroir!
  2. what kind of lining is inside the miroir's?

    BTW, soooo jealous! Very, very nice!!
  3. Cute!
  4. gorg!:heart: you have two of the same??
  5. i'll go take pics! lol, guess it's time to do it anyway since I'm being asked by everyone :p

    my reg mono pochette is at my SO's parren'ts house and I haven't received my luco tote, vernis christie MM, or my speedy 30. So patience will have to be practiced with those!

    Be back soon!:graucho:
  7. yupp, I figured if I couldn't get a speedy I'd get both paps!
  8. great pic.. here you go ..

    Thanks for sharing.,
  9. Wow! Those are some beautiful papillon's.:choochoo:
  10. i love the miroir paps! they photograph so beautifully~
  11. Love the gold pap!
  12. GASP! those are TDF. Any chance you could model the silver pap for us??
  13. Awesome pic!!!
  14. so pretty! thanks for sharing.
  15. very cute kids ya got must be a proud momma!