My trip today to LV

  1. I went to the boutique today to pick up my MC agenda that I dropped off for a minor repair, 4 weeks ago. It looks good as new! I picked up the 07 refills for it, and couldn't leave without getting something else. So I bought a Vernis Framboise cles. :graucho: While I was paying, this girl, who looked just like Nikki Hilton, was trying to exchange a bag she bought elsewhere. The SA told her she could exchange it, but not get a refund since it was after the return date. The girl started flipping out and created a scene. She said, "I hate this brand! I would rather have a Gucci, but this town is too redneck to even have a Gucci store!" The SA looked embarressed, so she gave her a refund. :yucky:
  2. LOL..what a *****!!! Love red-neck towns!!! People are always so nice.
  3. Ugh, I hate people like that!
  4. How rude! Why did she buy in the first place.....anyway, back to the important stuff.....

    Congrats on you cles!!! I just got one yesterday too!
  5. Psycho!
  6. Yea, she reminds me of those girls on the MTV show - Sweet 16 or something like that, WHATEVER!!!!
  7. So embarassing!
  8. Absolutely no class. Congrats on your new stuff!
  9. congrats...I have the red vernis cles and love it...would love framboise has well to go with my MC bag because there is a tonne of pink in it...
  10. I was looking at a perfo cles, but the framboise was so eye catching on my Damier speedy. I liked how the price was not increased on the vernis cles. It was still $200.
  11. God, some people just have no class! Congrats on the cles!
  12. Congratulations on your cles..such a gorgeous color!:love:

    Really, what's the point of being, tall, slim and pretty if u behave like that (not u i mean, the nicky hilton lookalike)? :yucky:
  13. Congrats on your new purchase... love to see a pic..:yes:
  14. class..

    Congrats on your agenda and new cles...
  15. Wow.. awkward !

    Money really can't buy class.