My trip to TJ MAXX today

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  1. I did not get there till after 3pm as I had to work. They did have a few tables set up with MK , DB and Coach. I found 3 bags and 2 wallets. I only got one bag and one wallet. The Ergo I put back - drop was not long enough for my chubby arm. They had some legacy and a lot of pouches. When I checked out the girl told me they had wristlets this morning. I am also checking out the one downtown tomorrow evening but not expecting to find much.

    Now thinking of taking my heritage stripe pink wallet back to Coach and using that credit towards a large soho hobo

    bag was 139
    wallet 79.99

    and I just sold a bag that paid for these --so ban not broken. Just recycling money :lol:

    Here is what I picked up:

    Attached Files:

  2. Cool finds! The tjs I went to today also had the wallet.
  3. WOW!!! Such fun pieces!!! CongratS!
  4. Wow nice finds!! Congrats!

    Darn... really wish I had time to drop by my Maxx today. :sad:

    And hey, recycling is good! :graucho:
  5. Great finds. My tjmaxx had that wallet also, you can't beat the price! I really like your new bag.
  6. Cool finds! My Maxx had the tan bag, but not the wallets!
  7. My Maxx had the optic blue but I did not like the drop on it. And this one is a Factory bag and for some reason..I don't see lots of people here with Factory bags. I see a lot of fakes ...but not factory.

    This bag was orginally....349 and the creed starts out 08
  8. Great finds!!!! Congrats!
  9. Great finds. Hey you are 'going green', which seems to be the mantra lately -- recycling is good!
  10. Nice finds. Congrats on your bag and wallet.
  11. great finds!