My trip to the Vintage Hermès Auction in Paris!

  1. So like I told you in the inventory thread, there's an auction sale today and tomorrow at Drouot (an auction house, like Christie's).
    Here's the link, click on "vente Hermes vintage"
    So, the room was packed! I went to the exhibition beforehand where you can check out the items before the sale, and I saw this tiny agenda which zips around, in fabric, I thought it was cute and kept it in mind.
    There were Kellys, lots of crocodile bags, lots of Constances, some Birkins... the beautiful Birkins (not beat-up), went for 3000 euros+ only! I was amazed! A Garden party in amazonia rubber went for 700 euros, the Kellys went for between 500 and 2000 euros (for a croc). But some were beat-up!
    Finally item 327 came (I was standing since there were so many people!) and I got my agenda!!!! Yay! Only 60 euros!
    Then I went to Hermes rue du faubourg st Honoré (I love it there!) and bought a notebook to put inside :biggrin:
    My first auction sale and I got a nice souvenir!


  2. Yay! I wish I could have been there, I probably would have bid on everything :lol: ! I'm glad you got the agenda you wanted and at a really good price! Congrats boudoir!
  3. OMG,'s gorgeous! You must have had a BLAST and I can't believe you controlled yourself so well! You got a bargain!!!!!
  4. It's stupid because my item was so cheap and I wouldn't have put more than 100 euros for it, but when we got to items 325... 326... my heart started beating a little faster!! It was so exciting! :biggrin: Thanks guys! I definitely thought of the Purse Forum while I was there!
    By the way if anyone is in paris and wants to go, tomorrow they auction items 470+ (second part of the auction). I won't be there which is too bad because there's an enamel bracelet I like :love:
  5. Congrats! That sounds like so much fun. Wish I could go! :biggrin:
  6. boudoir, that is such a darlin little agenda!! I have only been to art auctions and I can't imagine I would have been able to control myself. What fun!!
  7. Gosh, I looked through all the catalogue of the auction in the other thread, and I was just DROOLING so much!!! there were so many beautiful things; I wish I could have been there...There was also a Birkin 35 in Barenia, which is very rare...Gigi is another fan of Barenia, I can just imagine if we'd both been there....!!;) :roflmfao:
  8. Congrats to you! Enjoy!
  9. Bravo! I didn't make it there, but you will have to let me know about the next one!!!!
  10. Oh, I just remembered something! One of the experts taking bids from out of country had a sheet of paper in front of her that said "Resurrection vintage fashion" Los Angeles (or something similar).
    So it seems that it's a fashion store where some of the items could end up! Check it out!
  11. I just checked the site! maybe I can go after lunch....thanks boudoir!
  12. I looked at the auction catalog - I cannot read French - but I wanted it all!
  13. Go go go!
    The room (9) opens at 2 and there is a huge queue waiting to get in. I arrived at 1:40 and still didn't get a seat. I had to stand for three hours :Push: Apparently tomorrow's sale is going to be good with some good bags, and make sure you check out the expo from 11 am to noon (room 9). Enjoy!
  14. Congratulations on your agenda!

    Oooh, how I wish I could be there tomorrow to check out the rouge cerise croc Kelly.
  15. Congrats to you! Sounds like a fun place to be!!