My trip to the Tilton outlet and my new Ergo Tote

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  1. so after much obsessing, question asking, calls placed to various outlets within a 200 mile radius I finally got another Coach bag. My reasoning for needing a new bag is that when I want to carry my coach bags it is usually when I don't have the kids with me because I need to carry all of their stuff, they are 1 and 3, sooooooooooooo I convinced myself and DH that I needed a bag that was stylish and kind of like a handbag but bigger lol ! I also had to be realistic about what I was going to get. I still want something in Whiskey and a large chocolate signature. I wil post pics tomorrow if anyone is interested. It was $207 with no tax (nh) they didn't have any more of the totes but they had 2 large ergo hobos in the same color, camel and one that was in natural vachetta a large ergo hobo. They also had a small ergo chocolate signature hobo not sure of the price. They had 2 whiskey 07 shoulder bags for $199 with 20 % off. one signature with beat trim french framed wallet for $139 i think that was the price with 20 percent off. Various Bleeker wallets in all leather or both leather and signature. They had a final sale whiskey french framed purse wallet that was 50% off so it would have been 60 dollars but it had a small rip in the leather and the kisslock had some tarnishing. They had turtle keyfobs a few, some apple ones, some of the sandal keyfobs. They had a lot of the signature flower charms. I almost got one for my Ergo tote but it seemed too small for that bag, I am going to use my heart luggage charm. They had a lot of watercolor stuff like swingpacks and satchels, lots of scribble. They had those satiny bags I think hampton collection in that pretty green and white. They also had for transfers a bleeker duffle in pool,a bleeker flap in khaki signature with a red flap which was a little scratched up. A new brown stripe tote so it was khaki with the brown strip at the top, I think it is from the newer stuff. The handles seemed really thin an awkward for this tote so I wasn't interested. A medium parcment carly in all leather with the chocolate trim. All of these transfers were regular store price with 20% off. Oh a Madeline in a natural color, a little beat up and a large all leather patchwork bleeker duffle. lots of swingpacks, wristlets, 1 fuschia capacity wristlet and 1 bleeker leather wristlet various prices. Regular outlet stuff the mini sig and that dark blue signature and black on black signature peices that are made for the outlets. On clearance which was a really good deal was a chelsea chocolate signature carryall or business tote, it was huge with feet and was on clearance for $160. They had a whiskey leigh that was not in the best condition not sure of the price but it was on the 2o percent rack, also a whiskey crossbody that I think was from the Japan website, kind of like the new flaps but in the hippy style like the Ali's had their hippie look alikes in 06. They also had a lot of those smaller legacy flaps and not sure of the price but they were relatively inexpensive with %20 off. various hobos from the old soho collection in black and khaki signature. :ots of mini skinnys in watercolor, scribble, signature and some in bleaker leather for usual prices like 35 0r 40 with 2o percent off. watercolor scarves and various signture and bleeker scarves. A large khaki planner and small khaki planner both with crimson leather trim. Sorry for the long post I hope I covered everything. As usual the SAs there were very nice and professional, awesome with my kids. I can't say enough great things about that store, it is worth the drive up there.
  2. Hey - I was at the Tilton Outlet Wednesday! I stopped in there on the way back from Patternworks (major Yarn Shop in Center Harbor.)

    They had a few items I'm still seeing at the boutiques. I wish the Wrentham store was as big.

    I looked at that whiskey leigh - but just picked up an optic minny skinny.
  3. Cool, are you from NH ? I called wrentham before I made the trip and almost went there instead but I don't think they had much and I had the tote on hold in Tilton. Tilton is the best in my opinion that I have been to but I have only been to Tilton, Kittery and Freeport. I wish I lived closer.
  4. I have been to Tilton ONCE when the BF and I were staying in Hartford and made a trip to Boston and Tilton. Can you tell we are obsessed with Coach?

    Tell me that you used a Tanger 15% coupon!!!
  5. wow that is far ! I didn't know that there was such a thing !
  6. ALL Tanger outlets (West Branch, MI & Tilton, NH & Lancaster, PA are a couple with Coach) have coupon books they sell in vending machines for $3 or $5. In the ones above in particular, there is a Coach Coupon for 15% off all items EXCEPT clearance. Now, there is a difference between sale and clearance so it can still be used on MOST of the store items. Last time we went this saved me almost $200 on top of the already low outlet prices. This is why some can sell items on eBay and still break even or make profit.

    My closest outlet is Tanger, but it doesn't have a Coach coupon yet since it is new.
  7. Which tote did you end up getting? I ended up getting the ergo black pebbled leather tote. I ended up keeping the ergo signature khaki belted tote too. Now I have three ergo bags and an ergo wallet . I didn't realize I liked the ergo line as much as I do.
  8. oh i love the tilton outlet. i need to think of a "reason" to go there....
  9. I know what you mean. When they first came out I didn't really look at them much but it seems the most practical for what I need right now. something to carry the kids stuff in that is not a diaper bag. I seem to leave my coach bags behind all of the time because I am always with the kids so now I am trying to incorporate it into my regular life. I got the large Ergo leather in Camel. I really want a large ergo tote in brown signature do they make these ? I will post pics of mine once I put my charm and scarf on. Can you post pics of yours too ? Thanks !

  10. Hi! - Nope I'm in Massachusetts - just South of Boston so Wrentham is actually just a 1/2 hour away (if it's not rush hour.)

    I'm just waitiing for Coach to move to a bigger location in Wrentham Village - especially now that the Kate Spade Outlet has opened next door!

    Being in the Tilton store mid-week was bliss - Wrentham can be crazy busy on a weekend.


  11. ...because it's there is reason enough! ;)
  12. where are the pics??:angel:
  13. Hi I'm from NH!

    I didn't know about the Coach coupon in the booklets. I always thought they excluded Coach :shrugs:

    I just bought a Coach hamptons white leather,brown saddle leather hobo in Tilton on 3/30
  14. Hello, how close do you live to Tilton ? I don't mind driving up there but wish I lived closer, it is really nice up there too ! I wish I knew about those too, I saw them in the machine near the restrooms and didn't really know what they were. Can you post a picture of your new bag it sounds really pretty, thanks !
  15. hi sorry to reply sooo late!!! I'm at work right now but will try to post another time of the pic.

    I am about 30-40 minutes from Tilton, NH. I do live with my parents and my mom works right in Tilton.