My trip to the LV Boutique in Seattle

  1. I travel a lot for work and as I am now really into LV I have decided to check out the LV stores in all of the cities I visit.

    It was about a mile and half walk but a lovely day so I set out with my new patchwork denim pouchy. I have been carrying my black epi speedy 30 to work everday while I have been here. Its been a lot to carry with my backpack so I though I might get a mono pochette to carry my things. I figured I could throw it in my backpach everday if I wanted.

    The store was lovely and they had tons of stuff in stock that I hadn't seen in Vegas. The Leathergoods manager told me that it takes a while for things to catch on here so things that are sold out in NYC they frequently have in stock.

    I ended up not liking the pochette as a purse so I bought a Neverfull MM. It's perfect! I am supposed to be on a ban but does it count if I used a credit card gift certificate...ha ha. I hope not.

    I walked around the shopping district and than had a quick bite. I had tickets to the out of town tryout of Young Frankenstein where I saw tons of LV's. Lots of Vernis and lots of Multicolore Alma's.
  2. sounds like a great day, did you spot any hard to find items?congrats on your neverful.
  3. They had quite a bit of the Dentelle Line. I saw a few groom pieces. I also saw some scarfs that I have seen on the forum but not in the stores in Vegas yet.
  4. Congrats on your neverfull. Visiting LV stores when you travel is a must!
  5. Congrats! Would love to see modelling pics when you can!
  6. Congratz!!! Great choice!
  7. congrats.
  8. congrats and thanks for the info! Please post pics when you get a chance.