My trip to the H that had nothing--and some leather ?s

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  1. After waiting months to visit the H in Las Vegas, I was a bit disappointed. I had saved for the trip and tops on my list were a karo and possibly a Trim II or an all leather garden party.

    There was only one Karo--a PM in rose dragee (sp?). I had not expected to have any trouble getting a GM and was hoping for a bright color. :sad:

    Next, only 1 31cm Trim in togo or clemence, and it was orange. Beautiful color, but not for me. They were really trying to sell epsom--telling me what a great skin it is. Since I was looking for a slouchier trim, this was not meant to be. Leather question #1--they brought out a black trim in a leather that they said was "unidentified". Is that unusual? It was soft, very small grained, but definitely not togo.

    In the all leather garden party, they had one in brick red (rouge h?). Leather question #2--the tag said bull calf--is that the same as togo? The SA said that it was, but it was very different than any togo that I own. It didn't seem as soft to the touch, and the grain almost seemed embossed. I didn't get this, as I was hoping for almost any color other than any shade of red or dark brown--those are the two colors that I already own.

    I had wanted to see a smaller lindy, but there were none. They said that they had lots and lots of bolides and evelynes, but I have those bases covered (even though the charcoal gray bolide was tempting).

    They also didn't have any bolide cosmetic bags, which I figured was a longshot, but I was hoping...

    I did get a rouge garrance dogon that I love, but didn't really need, and also the carousel looking cadena.

    No birkins or kellys that they would admit to.

    I also wandered back later in the afternoon just to look one more time and a much more helpful SA offered to find me a karo (turquoise GM should be here this week!). I was happy, but a little frustrated that the original SA made no effort to search for anything even though it was clear that I wanted to buy and that I had a good idea of what I was looking for.

    Here's hoping to a better H trip the next time!!
  2. Dear Ms. Ck21:

    I am sorry to hear that especially when you anticipate to 'SPEND some $$$'!!!

    PM me and I'll ask my SA to help you check for inventory, hope this info helps....
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going in three weeks. I planned to buy an agenda or something. But look on the bright side, you could always go to your local shop. :idea:
  4. Other than your disappointing trip into Hermes- I hope the rest of your trip was fun!:heart:

    It seems that when you have the funds to spend nothing is around. When you are on a ban then everything is there for the buying. This always happens to me!!
  5. ^^^^me too! Or when you really need to buy something - an outfit for a special occasion for example. Then - nothing.
  6. ck, that sounds like something that would happen to me! Saving my money for Hermes, and when I get there they won't have what I want. I'm glad to hear that you saw plenty of Bolides, I hope that's the same for all the H boutiques. ;)
  7. Such a shame ,
    but I am so glad you like the wallet, am glad you went back in the afternoon seems a bit mean the SA in the morning didnt do the same thing

    Let us know how it goes and can I say


    of dogon??
  8. a turquoise karo sounds great! what skin?
  9. Oh - sorry you didn't hit the jackpot....

    As for the leather GP question, my SA said they were all made from buffalo - so you are right, it's not togo. In fact I saw the Rouge H GP next to my Rouge H clemence and the color was quite different. In buffalo, Rouge H almost appears to be Rouge Garance. Maybe the unidentified leather was also buffalo?
  10. Boy, that sounds like all three of my visits to H in Las Vegas. Hope they will have more variety when I go at Christmas! Turquoise karo sounds lovely!
  11. Sorry to hear about your troubles. But the end result is that you got your Karo.

    Buffalo is usually labled "buffle gala" or "buffalo". The unspecified leather is usually one of three: Swift, evergrain, or evercalf. From the sound of it, it sounds like evergrain. Bull calf is clemence.
  12. I'm so confused. By the title, I thought you were referring to another boutique (not Las Vegas.)
  13. ^^Me too.
  14. ^That was my initial thought. Now I know there are two boutiques that have nothing.
    My visit to H the last two times was unfruitful (No Rhythm in red or green or blue, or a Aries bangle but I'm already over those two things).

  15. Mmmm...that certainly makes sense but I had my Rouge H clemence next to the Rouge H GP and it definitely was NOT the same SA was confident about the new leather GPs being buffalo (at least in Rouge that is). I'll have to go back and inquire again....I'm curious now!! :P Actually - I hadn't heard of buffalo being produced recently, so it does sound fishy, but I know the GP I saw wasn't clemence - I guessed togo before my SA corrected me. :confused1::shrugs: