My trip to the Coach store

  1. Well, I went to the boutique today to take in my patchwork demi that had the stitch that popped loose. Of course, I just couldnt drop the bag off for repairs and leave. hehehe I came home with the small chelsea hobo in sig khaki. Yippeee! As for my patchwork..... they said I should know something in 4-6 weeks. So, has anyone else had a stitch come loose?? I dont know if they can fix it or not. Seems simple enough but if not, there is a possibility that they will give me store credit for it but is it possible that they will just send it back as is and not do anything about it since it is only one small stitch that came loose??
  2. Congrats on the new bag! :yahoo: Fortunately, I've never had a stich come loose! :tup: I hope everything works out for you though!