My trip to the Coach store today


Apr 6, 2007
I went into the Coach store near me today to use my PCE card. I really didn't need anything and plan to buy something while on vacation at the end of July. I saw a black and white wristlet for $68 that was cute, but it was way up on display and I needed the SA to get it down. She looked first to see if they had anymore and they didn't so she got that one down for me. I continued looking around while carrying the wristlet with me. I then saw a black and white ponytail scarf that was cute, but again it was the only one left and it was tied around a bag, so it was very wrinkled. I brought it over to the girl who got down the wristlet for me and she said, I'll bring it out back for pressing, she said I'll take the wristlet for you, which I don't know why she did, but I gave it to her and she put it behind the register on a counter. She then took the scarf out back, I was standing at the register the whole time while she was gone. When she came back in a few minutes I asked her where the wristlet was and she said right back here, and we both looked and it was gone. She asked the other SA if she had seen it and she said that she sold it to her customer. :wtf: Luckily they did have it in JAX, so they'll ship one to me. I just thought it was a funny story, I can't believe I didn't notice the other SA selling it to her customer. :smile:


Feb 21, 2007
Oh goodness! The silliness!!!! Thank goodness they had another one at JAX! This way you get a brand spanking new one.
that same thing almost happened to me! someone was returning a bag that I wanted and as I'm standing there paying and waiting, another woman walked up and grabbed the about to be returned bag. Fortunately the SA said something, but I was about to have to kick some butt!

glad they had one in jax for you! YAY!


Bullys are my Buddys
Apr 18, 2007
hahahaha...funny! I swear...some SA's are really clueless. I went into my boutique this weekend and everyone there knows my SA is Jane (but she wasn't there that day). Well there was a new GUY there and he kept following me around asking if I wanted to see or that. I must have told him in the politest way that I was just browsing but he couldn't take the hint!
Oh well, I guess I'd rather have one like that than one that completely ignores me!

Glad you could get a brand new wristlet!