My trip to the Coach Outlet!

  1. I'm starting to get very excited about Coach. I'm new to the Coach game but bought my first bag in October and was not crazy about it (it's a huge Ergo ... retail was 428). I have bought smaller bags for my DD before (3) and we bought her first 'medium' sized bag today at the Outlet in Tannersville, PA along with a wristlet. We met the best sales person - a college girl. My DD is off to college in the fall and the sales person had some great advice . . . she said that she and all of her friends use wristlets almost exclusively. From time to time, they use the medium sized bags to go to class. She's also saving her money to buy one of the big totes for her books (my DD did not want a tote even though the price was fantastic). Well anyway, enough about this. I'm just going to post pics of our new bags along with the wonderful prices . . . if you can get to a Coach outlet, you must go. Wow what a great experience . . . I still feel the buzz.....

    Mine are the leather bags and hers are the signature fabric. We paid:
    Chelsea: 132
    Bleeker: 77
    Soho: 111
    Wristlet: 49

    I know they all retailed way above those prices which makes me feel great. My DDs first 3 bags and my one bag were all purchased at full retail. Never again!! Okay, here are the bags.
    brown tote.jpg black bag.jpg kel's bag.jpg kel's wristlet.jpg
  2. Congrats, great haul... love the Bleecker, you got a great price on it!
  3. Great haul! Just beware of the soho bag! Mine squeaked like crazy!! LOL
  4. Wow you got some wonderful deals! Congrats
  5. The Soho's squeak? The little ones?