My trip to the Camarillo Outlet coach store (pics)

  1. I got up this morning and decided to take a drive up the 101 and found some really great buys. :girlsigh: Everything is for me except one wristlet, one of them (deciding) will be a birthday gift for my friend. I'm in love with my soho bag, it was $119 after the discount.

    Pink silk scarf --$23.99
    2 Wristlets-- $23.99 each
    Legacy french coin purse wallet ($107 took extra 10% off the 20% because of scratch on turn lock)
    Soho bag -- $119
    Purple Heart Luggage charm $9.99
  2. great deals, really cute, thanks for the eye candy!!!!! :tup:
  3. LOVE the wallet and the scarf! Congrats!
  4. Great buys!!!! LOVE that wallet!!!
  5. i love that wallet!
  6. Thanks! It's about at 45 minute drive from my house and was well worth it!
  7. My friend had the wallet at lunch and I fell in love with it, I was hoping they would have one at the outlet today. It's so cute and will go well with my Signature Chocolate Brown Tote that is on the way!
  8. Very nice. Love that wallet.
  9. Congrats! Great haul!! I love the Soho bag! Did they still have many of those Legacy Wallets left? My sister lives in Camarillo (but she's out of town this weekend) - 10 min. from the Outlet - and she'd mentioned the Legacy Wallet to me last week but I had her get me the Bleecker (Black/Khaki sig) Compact Clutch for me instead. Now that I'm looking at your Legacy French Wallet, I wish I'd told my sis to pick that one up, too!
  10. Thanks! Unfortunately, that was the last one I saw in that color, because of the small scratch I found they went looking for another one in the back and that is why they gave me the extra 10% in addition to the 20% off. I do recall seeing one more in the bin but as far as color I can't remember which one because I was focused on finding a chocolate wallet today.
  11. Great buys, I'm also a big fan of the wallet!
  12. Congrats! I love the scarf.
  13. I love the wallet and the wristlets! Great finds and good deal on the wallet! Enjoy them!
  14. great finds..congrats
  15. Nice finds. Love the hobo.