My trip to the boutique with dh...

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  1. #1 Feb 4, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2014
    A short story long.

    DH got me a black violet small Phoebe for Christmas and I've been loving it. Loving it so much that I want another. :P When pics of the new spring collection came out, I was anxious to go check it out, especially the small Phoebe and the Cafe Carryall styles in either Love Red or Grey Birch. Wanted to see the pleated styles too, to see if they looked as pretty in person.

    After the black violet purchase, we received a card in the mail for $50 off $100. Then in January, I received a PCE. Well, my mind was racing - "I gotta go to the Coach store!!" But I really didn't want to ask dh to go because we'd had a rather expensive month (December) and I didn't want to seem greedy. DH also has some health issues we are dealing with that are infinitely more important than a purse (however, I sometimes think such things like purses and nailpolish are nice diversions, to take my mind off of more serious issues). I did, however, suggest we look at wallets for him when we got the $50 card, even sent him a pic of one I thought he'd like.

    So the weekend before last (yes, I'm late in writing this, have been super busy), we were doing errands. I wanted to suggest going to the Coach store but resisted. Thankfully, I didn't have to because after we finished the errands we had to do, he suggested we stop there and look at wallets (he hates going to the mall, so this was epic). I squealed inside.

    When we walked into the store, the SA that helped us previously immediately recognized us and assisted us. DH looked at the wallets and picked out one he liked best. He asked me the price, I showed him the tag, and he about choked. He told the SA that he was more of a $60 wallet kind of guy. lol He suggested I look around for something around $100 (something small like a wristlet, etc.). I looked around and nothing really caught my eye. I told him I was going to just look at bags, to see what was new. "I'm just looking, so don't panic!" The SAs were laughing...

    I showed him the Love Red color, he didn't like it. I showed him the Christie Carryall. Nah. I showed him the Cafe Carryall in the pleated grey birch and lo and behold, that got his attention! (He really couldn't care less about such stuff, so this was impressive). I started to put it back, he told me to wait. Then asked how much it was. I gulped a little, it was a little more than I remembered. I asked the SA if they had the pleated grey birch in the small Phoebe and she said no, but they could order it and she showed DH a pic. I tried on the two styles (small Phoebe and Cafe Carryall) and everyone observing this escapade agreed the small Phoebe was a better fit for me. He insisted I get it, said it's ridiculous to buy a wallet that costs half as much as a purse. He'd rather I get the purse. Aww. I love him. I told him it'd be my birthday present (in March).

    So, the SA ordered it (she gets credit for the sale, right?). I received it, unwrapped it, tried it on. Love it! The pleating is beautiful. The color is classic. I wrapped it back up until my birthday. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a pic though. I haven't been on a lot, but haven't noticed anyone posting a pic of a pleated Phoebe yet. Not sure I know how to though...
  2. Ooo, I would love to see it!
  3. Wow, what a nice story and how sweet of your DH to get you a new bag! Congrats!
  4. Ok, I will take some pics and see if i can figure out how to post them. May not be until this weekend though. DH is having a procedure tomorrow...
  5. Thanks! He is the best. :hbeat:
  6. Pics for sure, that is awesome for your dh to let you use the gift and its a get a gorgeous new purse and he gets to walk out with you wearing it ( passers by will know how much he treasures you by lavishing you with sumptuous gifts ) :biggrin:
  7. How sweet! Reminds me of my dh and me :love: so funny when they take an interest in girl-stuff. Can't wait to see pics, and praying his procedure goes well :tup:
  8. Why wait? I wouldn't be able to stand it! Lol Anyway bring on the pics. I don't do wallets either. Waste of my money. If rather buy a small wristlet to hold my cards.
  9. :lol: LOL at how much he treasures me by lavishing me with sumptuous gifts!! I agree, it is awesome of him.

    It's nice when they take an interest in girl-stuff, isn't it? Thanks for the prayers!! They are very much appreciated. DH is having a Transesophageal Echo to take a better look at his heart, specifically his aortic valve. Then they are going to try to shock his heart back into rhythm. I'm a nervous wreck...

    I know, I can't believe I have the willpower to wait. But I will be good and save it for my birthday, over a month and a half away. Yikes! When dh got me the black Phoebe, he also got me a wallet. First time in my life I've had a fancy wallet. I plan on using it with whatever purse I carry though. No need for a matching wallet like the SAs always push. It's in the peach rose color, so kind of neutral. Will go with a lot, imo. But yeah, after I started looking online at all the varieties of wallets and wristlets, wristlets are a good option.

    Thanks everyone!
  10. Best wishes to you and your Dh. The Phoebe is a great bag. My dh had that echo...throat procedure. The procedure was not at all scary. A different reason than you mentioned, but it worked out. I hope your dh does well.
  11. That was so sweet of your husband. I hope he gets well soon!
  12. Congrats on bag and best wishes for his procedure what a great hubby.
  13. Thanks so much! That's good to know the procedure itself isn't scary. I am afraid of what they may find though. And shocking the heart scares me. I just want them to fix him so he feels good! :smile:

    Thank you!!

    Thank you too!

    You all are so sweet. :biggrin:
  14. What a sweet DH, Happy Birthday!
  15. That is about the nicest story I've hear on here for a long time! LOVE that you and DH have this kind of relationship. I feel your excitement through your story and would love to see a picture of your new bag! :smile: