My trip to SF and second H!

  1. So as you may or may not know, I spent the last couple days in San Francisco, during which the majority of my time was spent shopping :nuts: But of all my shopping experiences the one at Hermes was the best. I ended up working with a great SA named Jared who was super nice and very knowlgeable. On the shelves they had:
    -30cm toile and gold swift or barenia birkin (it looked so tiny I thought it was a 25 but he assured me that it was a 30 :p)
    -28 or 32cm toile w/ ebene(?) box HAC
    -orange and brown lizard Kelly clutches
    -a light ostrich Kelly
    -one of those green fabric/ white leather combo Kellys

    I tried on belts as they were the reason I was there in the first place, but I suddenly had an realized that I'm not the type to tuck in my shirt and that most of my outfits would completely cover the pretty leather and gleaming buckle. I got to try on an Evelyne TGM2 (they had it in ebene and black) that was truly beautiful, but at $2,450 there was no way I could take it home :crybaby: But it was when I decided to look at wallets I found it: the color really caught me and the size is perfect for carrying the ID, cc, and few bills that I carry on a daily basis. So without further ado I present to you my Darwin Card Case in Rouge H Buffalo Gala :heart:(pictured with my Thalassa epsom Globetrotter):
    SF trip Aug '07 010.jpg boxes.jpg sf trip aug '07 020 (2).jpg SF trip Aug '07 027 (2).jpg SF trip Aug '07 035.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  3. Ooh you had fun shopping! Those agendas are beauties, love the shine on the rouge!
  4. NICE shopping trip! What other loot did you score? Great stop @ "H"! You def picked a yummy treat from there!
  5. I really like the look of your card case together with the globetrotter. Smooth rough h against textured blue Thalassa. How great is that?
  6. ^from LV I got a long sleeve black tee with little shiny LV and fleur accents, from Saks I got a Galliano button-down from the fall collection, a pair of cheap jeans at Reuhl (weidest, Abercrombie-ish store ever), a striped polo and shorts from Club Monaco, and a couple pairs of flip flops, a tee, a jacket, grey Vans, and a funny canvas tote from Marc Jacobs. (oh and a bottle of Platinum Egoiste from Chanel in that itty bitty bag :p). Plus tons of random basics from Gap, Benetton, and H&M.

    By the way does anyone know what the name of the bag below? I saw it in the window but I've never seen it before:
    SF trip Aug '07 003.jpg
  7. oh it's beautiful! Sounds like you had a great shopping trip!!! Is Jared the really young, really HOT SA? I can't remember his name, but last time I was there, there was this absolutely gorgeous SA! LOL
  8. Whoa! What a haul! Congrats on all those purchases!
  9. Congrats on the purchases, its always nice when you get to work with a nice SA.x
  10. He seemed pretty young (couldn't have been past his late-20's) but I'm not sure you'd call him really hot- then agin everyone has different taste :p

    God I just reread my first post and someone save me from myself! I've never seen so many spelling and grammatical errors :sweatdrop:
  11. Stunning color, CONGRATS! I love SF H!!!
  12. lovely color!!!!
  13. Fun post--love the shopping stories!
  14. It's called the Frontier.
  15. Great color! Congrats!