My trip to Selfridges, Chloe observing :-)

  1. I went to Selfridges yesterday and spent ages in the Chloe section. I saw the new Paddies with the perspex lock, I'd heard about them but really didn't like the sound of them however they looked really good. Overpriced and I still prefered the normal locks but it was a nice surprise.

    I also saw the large paddy, I think its the Paddy satchel? In real life for the first time, it was stunning, I possibly would have walked away with one but I can't be trusted with pale colours (it was in Ivory-beautiful!)

    I went to look at the mini paddys, although they only had Ivory and black I knew I had to have one, have come home and ordered one in choc brown so hopefully it'll be here soon. Its just sooo cute, and I haven't got any bags that size. I did think about getting a quilted bay as I'd fallen for the moca, however in real life it just didn't do it for me. I think I'm just a paddy girl!

    Thanks to everyonewho helped me make up my mind! Anyone else been shopping this weekend?

  2. Oh, congrats! :biggrin:

    Please post pics when it arrives. :yes:
  3. Thank you, I will! I'm very excited, :yahoo:
  4. Yes, I can't wait to see the pics:smile:
  5. I am on my way over to UK. I shall check out Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. I believe they are the only places I will be able to see Chloe in Manchester. No real boutigue there anyway.
  6. No but Selfridges are quite good, they probably don't have the colour selections that the Chloe shops might have but they have most styles. Plus you can compare Chloes to all the other bags around and see how they are much more beautiful ;)
  7. selfridges has quite a selection on chole.....can't wait to see your pics...congrats in advance :smile: