My trip to NYC and a planned but unexpected purchase!

  1. Background - I posted another thread seeking advice on which scarf to get a friend for graduation - I ended up getting the Gucci flora scarf because I know my friend loves it and the choices at Hermes were overwhelming.

    While shopping at Hermes with another friend, I decided to try on a watch I wanted eventually - the SAs in the watch dept. were super nice and immediately complemented my CDC bracelet and Prada bag - I think they were amused by the dragon on it. I asked to see the Medor watch and the SA said that he was just about to tell me there was a watch that matched my CDC. (Btw. that little ring on the CDC is where one could attach a dog leash, I always wondered, knew the background of the design just not that detail).

    I tried on several Medor watches, blue, tan, red (my friend told me the red one made me look green - I love her for being that honest, LOL) and ended up loving the black one - my favorite for its edgy look - my SA told me it was the last black & palladium Medor watch in the country?!? :wtf:

    Had to buy it - no choice in the matter really after that. Besides it just fits me, like when you buy something that feels like you already own it its that perfect. And it was on my list.

    Post unexpected expensive purchase drinks were at Tao (a good friend realizes when to suggest drinks to fully enjoy a purchase and forget the guilt). Dinner at Babbo.

    I wore my new watch today at work with grey slacks, black quilted ballet flats, a black 3/4 sleeve cardigan, white shell, black & white Fendi scarf tied at the neck, and silver teardrop earrings. LOVE IT.:wlae:And I think with my uber-conservative look its something that I can get away with and still look professional (at least I hope so!)

    I have no idea what the leather is but it looks tumbled?

    I did forget to have it shipped to save on taxes - darn!

    Thanks for letting me share!:heart:
  2. Here are some pictures!

    I might look into getting a black croc strap or another color of croc - maybe something dark if it comes up.

    Oh and if you think I'm crazy to wear it to work feel free to tell me - or PM me - just in case I am insane.
    medor.jpg medor2.jpg medor3.jpg
  3. Woohoo!! :woohoo::woohoo: Nice!!
  4. Congrats- that's quite a score to get the last one in the country! :nuts:
  5. beautiful!!!! so perfect on you!! congratulations!!!
  6. That's one nice looking watch. Congrats!
  7. ^^WOWwwweeee!! LOVE IT, and ..................

    it was meant to be..."THE ONLY ONE LEFT IN THE US" for YOU!! Love the watch! It looks HOT!:yes:

    CONGRATULATIONS, and glad the Hermes GODS or Fairy God Mother may have been around to send you fabulous LUCK!!:yahoo:
  8. Beautiful, congratulations!
  9. Really looks great on your arm!!CONGRATULATIONS!!
  10. your watch is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!
  11. Love it on you! Congrats!
  12. Love it! You can absolutely wear it to work. Congratulations!:smile:
  13. Winternight - it's FANTASTIC!!!!

    I would absolutely wear it to work. Classic but a little edgy :supacool:
  14. WOW! I haven't seen one of these before ... spunky! Congratulations!

    PS: Thank you, asa! :blush:
  15. its fabulous!:drool: