my trip to new york

  1. So I am soon going to new york for my first time in two weeks and i was wondering
    if there are any places you guys recomend shopping at?
    It was sort of a short notice trip though so by the time I leave I will have about
    a 500 budget... which sucks but im hoping ill be able to find something!!
  2. you would have great fun with $500 at woodbury but i dont no if your interested in going there bout 40 min from new york but staying in new york for cheap cheerful clothes try forever 21 which is across from macy also daffy's century 21 h&m also in manhattan mall there is loads of shops there all reasonably priced enjoy your trip
  3. U absolutely must go to woodbury commons. Avoid the japanese tourists...they've been known to clean out the good stuff in a matetr of seconds. Good for business, bad for us..
  4. If you shope at Macys (Herald square) and Bloomingdales, go to guest services and show them your driver's license for a 10-15% off coupon and gift for visitors and for you to not pay tax on any items you buy.

  5. Aren't there no taxes under $100.. or is there another state I'm thinking of? :smile:
  6. thanks so much guys!!
    i can't wait im getting so excited!!
  7. Nes, anything in particular you're looking for?

    And if you don't mind my asking, how old are you (so I don't send you to a little old ladies' shop if you're a teen or something equally inappropriate).

    Do you like vintage?
  8. im 20 but i've been looking for a jacket
    i had a wool jacket in mind since winter is comming up although I don't
    like the ones that are to long.
    as well as shoes!!
  9. ^--- Nes, if you're looking for a coat, I would try Macy's on 34th, as they have a good selection. If you go on a Wednesday, you can catch the weekly sales, sometimes at 50% off of coats. Remember to grab a coupon before you go, in the local newspapers, which sometimes gives you an extra 15% off. If you forget, don't be afraid to ask a fellow shopper with one if you can use theirs when you're checking out -- I've done it a number of times.

    Other than Macy's, I would encourage you to check out Century 21, across the street from Ground zero. They don't have a wide selection, but you'll love their prices.

    Also check out Burlington Coat factory, as they'll have coats at a discount too.

    While you're at Macy's and Century 21, do check out their dress sections. I find that this is probably the best value as you'll find dresses with retail values of $200+ on $30, $40, $50 racks. (BTW, occasion dresses on on two different floors at Macy's, so check out both if you're inclined.)

    For shoes, Century 21 is great for selection at discount prices, from brands like Nine West, Bandolino to the high end designers. Don' forget to check out wellies there, as I find they will sometimes carry Pucci galoshes for about $50!

    Have fun!
  10. thanks so much!!