My Trip to Monaco

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  1. I recently took a trip to Monaco for a family vacation and of course a trip to Monaco wouldnt be complete without some shopping. I did do too much shopping but I made up for lost Anyway, ppl have been asking me to post pics of some of the stuff I got and someone suggested starting a here it is, here are some of the things I got but there are a couple of other dresses that I had shipped to my house so I havent got pics of them yet:

    Givenchy Top

    Emerald Cartier Jaguar Ring

    Hermes Vintage broach (slightly worn)

    Hermes Scarves

  2. Vintage Lanvin

    Yves Saint Laurent Wool dress
  3. WOW love every piece - great haul!
  4. I LOVE the Givenchy top!!!
  5. You are back!

    love the Lanvin dress and Hermes scarfs.
  6. Ooohh I love your vintage pieces!
  7. Love the Givenchy, and would love to see modeling pics of the Lanvin!
  8. Love the Givency top and Lanvin dress. :smile:
  9. Lovely!
  10. Wow! great buys. I love the Lanvin Vintage dress and the Hermes Broach the most.
  11. I cant even fit that Lanvin dress. I got it for my studio, but I wont be wearing it anytime soon-too big. Thats the downside to vintage pieces, you are lucky to find something vintage that fits you.
  12. Hopefully Ill have the other things up by tonite-they are being put on mannequins as we speak and photographed as we speak.
  13. Beautiful! I love that Givenchy top and the ring.
  14. Thanks for sharing all of your lovely finds from Monaco, what a haul! I adore the vintage Lanvin, that is my fav it is so chic.
  15. It looks like you got some great pieces! I especially love the Givenchy top.