My trip to LV today


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
Yesterday, after I was drooling over the mini Vernis agenda, I was quite determined to go buy one in Framboise, but my new cellphone came in today and I had to pay GST on it (although it was only $35) so I decided not to.

I asked my boyfriend if we could go to LV a few days ago, and although I wasn't buying anything, I went anyways.

I really wanted to see the new pomme d'amour colour and asked the SAs if they had it in...they said not until February! :wtf: I REALLY wanted to see it, the colour is TDF in pics (and I'm not even a red person). The usual SA who helps me (but didn't recognize me) was surprised I knew about the new colour...she asked me where I found out from and I said, "Well, I'm part of this online LV group..." (I didn't say forum because a lot of people don't know what forums are) and the other SA apparently laughed (not in a mean way, I heard from my boyfriend later)! Then I said to the SA I was talking to, "And I know that you guys are also getting a new Vernis heart shaped coin purse too...right?" And by now the SA was super surprised at how much I knew. The male SA walked by and asked if I was a part of the Purse Forum!

I guess he comes here too (if you're reading this, you know who you are, Hi!) and apparently he was JUST talking to her about it before I got to LV. I said $350 is a tad too much for a coin purse, and I asked to be put on the waiting list for a pomme d'amour cles instead :yahoo:

So yeah...had a good chat with her, told her about my miroir pochette, and she was happy for me. I really hope it doesn't take until Feb. for the new colour to arrive in Calgary, because I think I'm getting this cles for sure (I've hinted at the boyfriend that I want the Azur pochette for V-day).

Anyone else in Canada hear anything? I've, next week, and now Feb...ugh!
Lol..I don't mind if SAs know..I just don't like when random people in the store hear me talking about it so I never mention it to anyone but my SA. Wouldn't want anyone to know our secrets :graucho:

Anyway that's really funny that he knows about TPF too!! I wonder if he ever posts.
I was surprised too! I wanted to ask what his username on TPF was but it would've been a little awkward. Hey, at least now they know that I'm really crazy about LV!
I was told on the boxing day that it will be release on Feb 1st ( i guess she's part of us too hehehe):confused1: It was on Holt's Vancouver. But at my last visit to LV on 31st, my :heart: ly innocent S.A. still has no clue about it up to one of her costumer brought the pics to her the day before:rolleyes: I'll try to go there tommorow:smile: Hahaha It will be yours soon Karman... Don't Worry..
THe ridiculous thing is that they don't even have the pages of spring items yet! (Like the pics stefania posted)...I wanted to take a look at the white Epi and the Dentelle, but my SA was like "Nope...we don't even have THAT yet!" and I was going to ask to be put on the list for a Dentelle cles or Ludlow...but decided not to in case she may get confused!

Seriously, LV neglects the one in Calgary...for a city our size and the rate of our growth, we deserve a boutique here...and AT LEAST renovations for the HR LV!!!
THe ridiculous thing is that they don't even have the pages of spring items yet! (Like the pics stefania posted)...

Hahaha i understand exactly what you meant:crybaby: My S.A. just wrote LVOA when i put my name on LVOE tote bag waiting list. Same here:graucho: they still don't have the LOOK book, what they've is just runaway photoshoot. Maybe SA had a difficult time too since they're in a front row to serve us with our LV's info demand, but can't catch up the info because of policy may be:confused1: not sure. They don't have this kind of forum back then:roflmfao: hahaha
I was seriously considering putting my name down for the gold Dentelle pochette (the show piece)...but $1,330 is way out of my budget! And...I don't even know if they'll get one in Calgary!
but $1,330 is way out of my budget! And...I don't even know if they'll get one in Calgary!

Hahaha the price setting was crazy next season:crybaby: Hahaha i put my name when i didn't know the setting of LVOE tote bag CAD$1800:confused1: . That's a lottt. I was optimistically hoping that it will be at antigua cabas rice range tho:nuts: Hahaha i guess i won't able to purchase it too:graucho: hiks :drool: all da' way
Oh Karman that was funny! Last time I went to the store I asked the SA aomething about a line, and she said how I knew, ao I told her I was part of the Purse forum, and she said that her sister was also in here. I thought it was sooo funny.
I think if the LVOE cabas (the cream one...I'm not really a fan of the fuschia or green ones) was under $1000 I would put my name down. I agree with you, if it was the Antigua pricing, I wouldn't hesitate to get one!!
and $1800 isn't as bad as I thought...I thought it'd be much more closer (or even over!) $2000! But I guess after tax, it WILL be over $2000 in Vancouver! Maybe you should put your name down here in Calgary, and only have to pay the 6%!!