My trip to LV! My first LV bag!!!!!

  1. I got my first bag, I loved this Mini Lin when I saw it , I love light colored bags and its so fresh and light! Also Love the pomme cles, I will get the zippy wallet I love that and the phone charm is too cute:nuts:.
    louis vuitton 008.jpg louis vuitton 009.jpg louis vuitton 010.jpg louis vuitton 011.jpg louis vuitton 012.jpg
  2. Wow - Nice HAUL!!

  3. a few more...
    louis vuitton 013.jpg louis vuitton 014.jpg
  4. Congrats. Enjoy.
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy your new addiction errr additions, they are wonderful! Love everything, esp that phone charm:love: great choices.
  6. Beautiful choices!!! Congrats!!
  7. Congrats!! Great first trip!!
  8. Great purchases! The new bag is gorgeous. Congrats!
  9. Wow sooo pretty. The scarf with the Mini Lin are gorgeous together--put together like an LV pro! Congrats on everything!
  10. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Nice little haul!! Congrats! ;)
  12. Congrats!! Everything is gorgeous!! I love the scarf and the phone charm on it! It looks great!!!
  13. wonderful choice!! you have to change the date of your camera tho :p
  14. Congrats!
  15. Such a pretty bag!