My trip to LV!!!!! I got the trevi.

  1. `I exchanged My black neo cabby mm for the trevi pm, I also tried on the neo cabby GM, and it was much much better, MUCH!!! LOL. I couldnt resist the trevi, it is gorgeous!!! I will get the neo cabby GM , when the black comes in, the size is perfect, thanks to all for suggesting the GM, I'm happy again. :heart::heart:
  2. Congrats!! Please post pixs of your trevi!!
  3. Congrats! Modelling pics!
  4. Congrats on the new purchase! I can't wait to see pics!!! :nuts:
  5. Good to hear that you're happy again! Congrats!
  6. Congrats! The Trevi is beautiful!
  7. Congrats on getting the Trevi. It is a gorgeous bag. I am deciding between Trevi PM or Neo Cabby MM for my next bag...
  8. Congrats! I like how the Trevi is similar in style but still very different!
  9. I love the Trevi! IT is a gorgeous bag, congrats!
  10. great choice!! congrats!!
  11. Yay! I'm glad you found something you love! Congrats!
  12. It's soo cute! I want to get it as well!!! Is it heavy???
  13. Lovely choice, glad you're loving your new bag.:tup:
    Please post pics if you can.
  14. Congrats ....great choice:heart:
  15. wowwww Congrat!!!!!!!! glad to hear you're happy now !!!