My trip to LV....funny story, happy outcome!

  1. Hey Folks! I just got back from a lovely visit to LV just to see the new Amarante colour! Both my fave SA's weren't in and the store was virtually empty with hardly any SA's around! All the better though, since it gave me time to snoop around....:ninja: I saw:

    - white Suhali Lockits PM, MM and GM
    - Olympe Nimbus
    - Denim Patchwork Posty and Speedy
    - A lot of Azur stuff including Speedy 30 ( no more waitlists here anymore I guess)
    - Epi ivoire Alma, Speedy, Passy PM
    - black lambskin Riveting bag-
    - Dentelle Speedy

    and now to the highlight.....

    Something very black and shiny caught my eye and I looked closer to see an ever-so-gorgeous Amarante Zippy wallet, Koala wallet and Reade in the showcase!

    A friendly female SA then approached me and asked if she could help me, and I pointed towards the Amarante pieces and said that they were launched today, right? She said yes, it's a very very beautiful from far away, aubergine to dark purple from up close depending on the light....sigh....

    I asked whether our store was going to get the Roxbury Drive in Amarante as well, and she said that she actually has them already, they're just upstairs. I hesitated because I didn't want to make her go upstairs and show me the brand new bag knowing that I wouldn't be buying anything since I'm on a biiiig ban. But she was nice and prompted me to take a look, it would be no problem for her to get it. I said ok, but just to take a look...

    She came downstairs with the stunning Roxbury in her hand and my heart must've skipped a beat....:nuts::love: She offered it to me and my heart was racing as I held it in my own hands...:blush: Everything about it was PERFECT! The colour, the shape, the size....ooohhh....I'm sold!!! I knew I couldn't get it today, but I was determined I would be able to soon enough!

    After she put the Roxbury away I asked her about the Suhali Lockits in the rainbow colours and gold and silver. She had no clue what I was talking about and neither did another SA who'd come over to us. It only occured to them later that there were suhali lockits coming out in gold and silver round about this September. But they were convinced the blue was only coming out in alligator which would be btw 10,000 - 15,000 Euros! :wtf: I just couldn't believe how little SA's actually knew about their products, I had seen a photo of the blue one on tPF, ha! They also told me that Amarante was staying as a permanent colour in the line forever and ever, and I'm like yeah right, I know better and that it's only going to be 6-12 months, I thought to myself....

    Fast forward: I had dinner with my DH and told him about the new amarante Roxbury Drive and that it was soooooo pretty....We were munching away and he asked how much it was and I said 610 Euros...He goes "if you want you can take it"....OMG did I hear right?!?!? I look up from my plate and he says "go right ahead, take some of my salad if you want..." LOL!!!!! :sweatdrop:
    He then goes: "ok! You can buy it!" :party: "So how come it's so cheap then?!" he asks. LOL, I trained my hubby right!! HA Ha! He's probably comparing to my other!

    Anyway, long story made short: I can go ahead and buy my Roxbury either tomorrow or early next week! DH is afraid of it being sold out and the colour disappearing (lol) and with the impending price hike, he's all for me buying her!! Yipeeee!

    Thank you for listening no one else to share my joy and experience! :heart:
  2. i saw that bag last night! it's so gorgeous!! i hope my hubby understands that the price hike means i need it NOW!!!! :o) enjoy, and post pix when you get it..
  3. Gorgeous bag, congrats!!
  4. Congrats on the great DH -- glad that you are getting the amarante rox soon!
  5. Yay! Call them up now and have them hold it for you so you can pick it up straight away!!!
  6. Sounds like you had a great day congrats on your bag (when you pick her up)

    is the blue lockit the one in the fall winter summary because if so that is it it's photoshop not a actual picture
  7. Aw congrats!
    Can't wait to see pics:smile:
  8. Thanks for a great story, can't wait to see it. I know what you mean about your heart racing when you hold a bag that you love. I had quite a few of those moments at the LV's in Las Vegas.
  9. Woo hoo! *does a little dance* I'm so happy for you! I would have shot my hubby a very dirty look if he pulled that whole, sure you can take my salad bit, lol. Can't wait to see pics. The rox is so hottt!:drool:
  10. arrrrrhhh ur hubby is so nice. in fact i heard loads of lovely hubby stories in here.

    u girls really know how to train men....anyway remember to post pics when u got the bag.
  11. Yay for your sweet hubby and Congrats on your new beauty!!

    --- Did you take his salad too?:nuts:---
  12. Congrats, sounds like you had a lot of fun!!
  13. What a sweet story! The Roxbury made my heart skip a beat, too! Beautiful choice:tup:
  14. What a good story.
  15. omg..fab story! super sweet DH!!! can't wait till you get her!