my trip to lv- and notes about bh damier!

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  1. hi everyone!

    so i went to the lv at bloomies in nyc today. here's what i saw/ want:

    love love love the new epi red speedy. i think 30's are too big but 25's are too small! :sad: but it's still on my list.

    they had a bunch of styles in myrtille but no speedy. they checked the computer and they don't have one ANYWHERE! i so wanted it too!

    love the damier speedy but again the 30 is too big.

    don't like the pariloi. love the shape, handles, everything but not the magnetic closure too hard like everyone said.

    the bag i want more than life is the red epi passy (?). they had one and it really is almost the same as a bh but in epi and with an inside pocket. omg i am saving for it!

    they said they will inquire with lv about making me a bh damier. they said they were not sure as someone said because it has only been out about 6 months but they *might*. they are going to get back to me. it would however be about 1200 which is unreal but i will consider it if they can do it.

    omg how i love lv!
  2. Bumming with you on that Speedy Myrtille search....:sad:
  3. Hasn't the BH been out over a year now? It seems to me, I bought my BV in July or August last year...anyone else remember?
  4. Great to hear that u had fun today! Yeah, no luck here too on the myrtille speedy :sad: but the BH damier SO sounds yummy...good luck with that, hope LV gets back to u with a :yes: !
  5. I didn't realize the BH was so new either. Bummer about the speedy :sad:
  6. It sounds like you had fun.
  7. Thanks for the report!:flowers:
  8. The BH is way older than 6 months:yes:
    I think it was introduced end of summer '05.
  9. I got my BH from Elux back in October of 05, and it was made in August of 05... It's been out for WAY over a year.
  10. But OP said bh damier? Didn't know about this.