My Trip To LV and a new prize! *Pics*

  1. So I went today, lots of fun and beautiful things inside. NO s/s show bags insight!!! it was like they vanished, how werid! any ways... tons of things in the look book I want for the f/w lol but... I already found my next couple purchases, but I didn't walk out empty handed.

    I got to see the colors of the new Millionaires, which I put 50% deposit down and I am GUAURANTEED a Turquoise pair when they arrive... I even got a seperate reciept for them, CAN'T WAIT! Saw a lot of epi bags throughout the mall, it was cool, and I met this lady who works for a company that LV owns and she got her annual gift of a LV gift card for $300, she got a speedy or a neverfull, can't remember what one... I also wore my running sneakers, the red one's for the FIRST time and they are SO comfy and I got SO many compliments on them! if I had a lot of $ I would get every color lol!

    any ways enjoy

    Men's 2006 s/s Silver ring w/ Ebony... now I can scratch this off my list

    Shot with DSC-W7 at 2007-07-13

    Shot with DSC-W7 at 2007-07-13

    Shot with DSC-W7 at 2007-07-13

    The reciept for the Millionaire's doesn't say what it is for since its a deposit, but this is PROOF lol

    Shot at 2007-07-13
  2. Great purchase Matt! Have you seen the Champs-Elysee ring as well?

    Can't wait to see the Millionaires!
  3. They had that ring! but I have been after this one for SO long!
  4. Really nice Matt! Congrats! Hold on to that receipt!!!:p
  5. Congrats on the ring! Very exciting about your new sunnies as well!
  6. congrats!
  7. Very nice...Congrats!:smile:
  8. HAHA, the information is in their system as well, but the reciept is going right in my safe lol! and they do come in the wooden box with cushion too :smile:
  9. congrats:biggrin:
  10. Congrats Matt!
  11. congrats! here's a pic:
  12. very cool, congrats!
  13. yes! thank you for the picture! yay!
  14. love that ring matt!!! looks amazing!! very simple, modern and chic.
  15. Veeeeeeeeeeery nice!