My trip to Hermes .


Aug 14, 2006
This was my first trip to Hermes and was bit tensed last night as to what to expect ,but the people there in manchester hermes were very nice and friendly .
i saw all the bags except the kelly and birkin .
i was planning to buy the trim but when i saw it i changed my mind ,i liked the garden party and the rugby(thats what i think it was called ).:nuts:
i was not impressed with the herbag ,so i told the SA i will decide and let her know .
there was another small bag with a purse inside dont know what it was --made with canvas and leather but was only in orange color .
she said a new bag called lindy will be coming next year.
In all i was really happy with the trip
I'm so glad you had a good first visit! I had one too ... in my dreams last night! I dreamed that I tried on two Birkins but they weren't leather and they were, frankly, awful!! I had a good time though!
umamanikam.. I'm so glad u had a good time at Hermes.. Its good to explore all ur options and visit as many times as u want before u decide on what u want.. dont feel pressured.. the important thing is u buy something u LOVE :yes:
thanks hermes groupie i think so ,she said there were in indigo ,grey and the only one that was lleft was orange ,the handles go into the slot ,its long but small with a centre button