My trip to Hermes, no longer afraid of SA's!!

  1. Well, I don't know what got in to me tonight, but I walked into the Hermes store at the King of Prussia Mall (Philadelphia). I found out their scarves are quite affordable at $320.
    I asked about getting a Kelly Bag. They said the waiting period is 6 months and the cost about $5500. They only had a purple/raisin color one in stock. I didn't like the color, so forget that. It looked like they had a Birkin in that cabinet, too. They have them all behind a locked wooden cabinet. They seemed a little irritated that I wanted to see the Kelly bag, but they got over it quickly.
    I found out my Kelly Bag was from 1996, because of the Z mark. I realize now am so lucky to have gotten a red Kelly with gold hardware and in good condition.
    I still am a little stunned by the waiting period, but I wouldn't mind purchasing one of their scarves sometime.
    I also went to the LV store and purchased a white Vernis wallet. I think I might have to keep the thing in the sleeper bag in my purse since they say the patent leather is easily damaged.
  2. i'd love to see a picture of your red kelly bag
  3. I'll take a better picture tomorrow, when I am not so tired. My husband took me out to eat and I feel sluggish. I'll put it on this thread. There is one in "my bag showcase", but I know how to take better pics now, so it is a little fuzzy.
  4. I also LOVE the frangrances at Hermes. Those are also affordable.

    Did you get a chance to look at some of their silver jewelry? I have a hermes pendant & chain and wear it everyday. They have great silver jewelry you should check it out next time you visit Hermes.:biggrin:
  5. Sounds interesting - I just can't get over how the stores operate and the 'secret cluf' feel to this all! At least they do have smaller items we can easily purchase! Smooth, do you have a pic of the necklace you're talking about?
  6. PICTkelly.jpg PICTkelly2.jpg
  7. that has got to be one of the loveliest reds i have ever seen
  8. Thanks, it is slightly darker in real life, lighting helps. I am getting better with the camera, but stil have trouble holding it straight.
  9. Fendigal, that is one gorgeous Kelly you have there!
  10. Thanks, I love it. I almost think why buy a new one? Maybe someday.
  11. YOur kelly bag is a lovely colour, good luck with your next purchase!
  12. It is beautiful! Are you not a birkin girl??
  13. Fendigal, I am so happy you went in to Hermes and have gotten over the so-called fear. I remember when I was 20-21 fresh out of college I was so uncomfortable about going in. I suppose that was my immaturity and I did not realize they are people like me (SA's), they don't know everything, and my money is just as good as everyone elses. Hermes was always for the "rich" and I feel that I may have been intimidated back then. Now I realize it is all a bit different. It doesn't mean I won't struggle to get a bag and I won't get special treatment like some people, but I am not in any way worried about walking in. I am human just like them and it is a store. They have a responsibitly to serve me and my needs regardless of how they view me. I just always hope I don't come across foolish...but better to be a fool and need to know what you need to know, then not get the information.
  14. I love your red Kelly fendigal!

    Which leather and color is it exactly?

    I myself am on a "Hunt for Red Kelly" in rigide 28cm or 25cm, preferably Rouge H in chevre. I hope to find one before Christmas.
  15. I wish I knew what color it is, rouge maybe, like I mentioned before, I bought it used. The way I knew it was authentic was the seller had it cleaned/serviced at the Hermes store. The color is slightly darker than on the picture, but it is definitely not burgandy.
    I don't think I am a Birkin girl, they seem a little big and boxy for my 5'2'' frame. Also, the price. I was just lucky to get an authentic Kelly. There are a lot of fake Birkins floating around.
    Also, I fell in love with the red Kelly in Kate Hudson's movie "Le Divorce"