My trip to Hermes DC yesterday

  1. Well, ladies I took off and went to the DC area Hermes yesterday. It was a spur of the moment trip. I got there around 5:00pm. The store was fairly empty but they were showing one lady some scarves. At any rate, I had a look around and I must say I love the new store. The last time I was there, they were still in their temporary residence while the store was being renovated.

    The inventory was WONDERFUL. They had this GORGEOUS plume that was done in white epsom calf leather with blue jean trim around the bag and blue jean zipper pulls. The inside of the bag was done in blue jean as well. Keith, the wonderful SA that I work with when I go there, said that occasionally they will do unique things like this with the plume. I think the retail for the bag was $6500. Can't remember exactly. They had three Paris Bombay bags_orange, white, black. They had two evelynes in the blue. A white picotin. Two ostrich bolides-black and a choclate color. They had a croc plume. And they had several kellys. They had one of the mini kellys in black in lizard. They had another mini kelly in what looked like suede, it was orange. They had a 32 cm kelly in chocolate with gold hardware that was a rigide. Then of course they had several garden party bags. I got the last twilly garden party and I am so in love. I also bought a scarf. It is one fo the 100 scarves they reissued for the reopening of the DC Hermes store. It is designed by an American artist, the only American artist to work for the company. In fact, this artist lives in Waco according to the manager. Because he is afraid of flying, reps from Hermes have to fly to Waco to meet with him.

    Part two is coming next.
  2. Part two

    So both Keith and the manager (I forget her name) took time to really talk with me. Keith was having a blast pulling out bags for me to look at. The manager was telling me about how the scarves are actually made and just how special my new scarf is because you can only get them at the DC Hermes apparently. The scarf has BEAUTIFUL colors on it. They come in pink, blue, or brown. I chose pink. Christopher Columbus is on the scarf along with a Native American man to represent how America was "discovered" by Christopher Columbus, but the Native Americans were already there.

    She asked me about the kind of clientele I thought would patronize the store that is coming here to NC in Charlotte.

    Then there was some drama with my checkcard and my actual check. Let's just say I HATE CERTEGY which is the company that many of the high end stores use for their checks.

    But the staff was SO patient and understanding and accommodating. Keith had to leave because the store was closed at this point and he had a rehearsal to go to so he hugged and kissed me goodbye. FINALLY everything was cleared up and I left with my new purchases and a booklet on typing scarves that I really needed. :shame:

    All in all I had a great time. The staff there is just WONDERFUL and they made me feel like a queen.
  3. sounds wonderful. I am in DC on business Friday, I've never been to H in DC, I think you just gave the incentive to stop by.
  4. sounds like a GREAT time!! you should post pics of your new scarf and twilly garden party, would love to see them!!!
  5. Congrats on your scarf and GP Twilly!!!! :love: What color did you get?
  6. pictures pleeeze!
  7. Will do. And to answer questions, the garden party twilly is the garden party that is brown with the silky orange lining with the brown Hermes ribbon running through it. There is a twilly that matches the interior of the bag that comes with it.
  8. sounds like a wonderful visit. was it your first time there? the garden party wiyh twilly is a very sweet bag:P were you planning on geting it, or did you just see it and love it?
    the bolides in ostrich, do you know what size ?
  9. Thanks for the great report! Pics.....?
  10. I love that garden party! I want it...

    Glad you had a great time there! It sounds like a nice store to visit.

    Can't wait to see your pics!
  11. Congrats on your purchases! Please post pics when you can. How much was your Garden Party Twilly? That's the one I like too:love: .
  12. avandome, it was my first time in the store since they had renovated, but I had visit the Farifax Square Hermes before back in April. I had thought about getting the garden party, but it was not in my plan to do so yesterday. It really was an impulse purchase. tammy, the bag was $1,825.00 for the smallest size they make. The scarf was the regular price even though it was a special limited edition scarf. I will post pics later tonight. I finally figured out how to resize the photos and so not I am waiting for my camera battery to finish charging and I can import the pics. IN the meantime, none of you have seen my kelly so you can take a look at that if you like. Its in the member hermes items for reference thread at the very end.
  13. Hi! nathansgirl1908,

    How much for your twilly garden party? I would love to have one.
    What size did you get? Thanks!
  14. Thanks! That's the boutique I go to when I'm in the area (I live in Va. Beach). I went in early April, but haven't seen the new store yet. Might get up that way in July. What are the dimensions of your Garden Party?
  15. Loved the report nathansgirl and I know I will love your goodies when I see them!