My Trip to Florida - Day From Hell!!

  1. Sunday we left NY to spend 2 weeks w/ my folks in Florida. Our limo was late picking us up which was surprising since I use this limo company all the time and they are usually early. When they showed up the limo was one of those super-stretch ones that fit a rididculous amount of people and is like a big long tube. The driver apologizes and we get in, only to realize that the a/c didn't work and it was 90 degress out!! Also the limo was really old and falling apart - when I opened my window to get air I couldn't get it to go back up w/out pushing it up w/ my bare hands and tremendous upper body strength!
    No biggy. I laughed it off and am getting a refund.

    Next - I get out of the limo w/ sweat stains on my cute shirt under my breasts and sweat stains on my khaki colored capris all around my crotch that my sons laughingly point out looked like I had an accident. Fabulous!! Naturally, I was so thristy from sweating in the hot limo that I asked my husband to get me a decaf iced coffee. He came back from Dunkin Donuts w/ a huge one and I took a big gulp...I immediately realized I had a month completely full of coffee grinds and proceeded to spit it out into a napkin and all over the floor and my cute pants. BLECH!! No time to get a new one b/c you can't bring drinks on the plane anymore.

    Next, we get on the plane and see that my husband and 2 kids have 3 seats together and mine is the aisle seat right across from them.Cool! Except the plane was full and there was a woman seated next to me who was extremely large. I felt bad for her b/c I knew she was feeling scrunched, so I didn't even attempt to put my armrest down which had the controls to change channels on the little mini-tv in the seats. No tv for me! No biggy, I pulled out my brand spanking new IN Style magazine that seemed to weigh as least as much as her and began to read. Once we were in the air she asked me to put my tray table up so she could get out to go to the bathroom. I did this and was about to step into the aisle to let her out when much to my horror she walked right over me. My husband said he I completely disappeared behind her, during which time her humongous ass was in my face. She even stepped on my feet to get through! Realizing that she was just trying to be nice and not make me move I took no offense.

    It was around this time that I turned to my DH and mentioned that the day really hadn't been going very well...He looked at me and said something like - Duh, you just noticed?!!

    Several cocktails later, I was in my happy place and all was right w/ the world. Since then we've been having a relaxing, fabulous time w/ my parents.In fact, I've been eating enough so that I will probably be the same size as my seatmate by the time I leave here.
  2. I know this isn't what you want to hear-but, I am literally laughing out loud here! Hope the rest of your vacation is better than the start!
  3. That doesn't sound like the nicest of vacations! I hope the remainder of your vacation goes well.
  4. lmao!!! sounds like the sort of trip I normally have!! well, I hope the rest of it goes better for you:biggrin: sounds like it is :flowers:
  5. lol sorry to hear your trip started off a little rough.
    Hopefully the rest of your time there will make up for it.
  6. Awwww, those drinks must've helped big time!
  7. Yay for cocktails!:drinkup: I hope the rest of your trip is great and hassel free!
  8. Too bad you had a rough start, hopefully the rest will be better:yes:
  9. My trip is actually going great now...It just had a rocky start!
  10. Sorry to hear that your vacation didn't have a good start. Glad to hear that it's all ok now.
  11. haha you told this story sooo well.
  12. I just read some of your blog... are you a writer? If not, you should be!
  13. LOL i'm laughing to read ur story, sorry shushopn :P

    but experiences like this is something you will always remember right? it will be a great family story :P
  14. Airline seats and Coach are getting smaller. I am larger and nearly 6 ft tall and I can tell you that over the past few years, its not me that has become bigger, its the PLANES that have become smaller. I have seen petite women jammed into seats and falling over others to get out into the aisle. It's crazy.
  15. Hey-bTW, where is your dog?