My trip to Coach

  1. Look what followed me home! I went just to purchase a key fob, but was blown away by the scarf bag. The sa then talked me into a scarf to match, as well as a a beautiful wallet. They only had a floor display of the wallet, so they are sending me a new one. Here are some pics; not sure about the scarf with the bag. I think the bag looks better without it.
    scarfbag.JPG scarfbag1.JPG keyfob.JPG 40139_t.jpg
  2. Love the scarf print, I want to get the demi, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sun keyfob. The picture makes me want to get one. I agree that the bag looks better without the scarf, but I don't like the way scarfs look tied to bags. Maybe you can tie it in your hair!
  3. How exciting! I bet the scarf bag looks amazing, irl. I also really like the sun key fob! I have the denim one & I love it. Congrats!
  4. It was funny because before I went in, I did not have any interest in the scarf bag. When you see it in person though it is just irresistable.
  5. lol yeah i thought so too, but i didnt like the suede on the swing pack, but i LOVE the scarf pattern on those bags. where would you use the sun fob? like on a bag or for your keys or something? all ive heard about are the monkeys and the owl lol, but havent heard of someone buying the sun.
  6. I have a white marc jacobs sophia bag that I am going to put the sunshine keyfob on; it will add a nice touch of color to the bag. :smile:
  7. Everything is so pretty Becca!! What does the scarf look like laid out?
  8. Very nice stuff! Love the wallet and the key fobs-i want them!
  9. I think the scarf looks bad with the scarf bag bc there is just too much scarf going on! but it would look lovely on another bag, even the white Sophia if you change your mind about the key fob
  10. such pretty things! nice choices.
  11. the bag is cute...i haven't been a fan of this year's scarf print, but i think it depends on the colors...yours has a nice balance.

    i'd take the scarf off the hobo, though. like another poster said, it's too much scarf.

    the keychains are adorable!
  12. BF LOVED that scarf print. I think I will own the tote really soon. LOL.
  13. Here it is; I am on the fence whether to return it our not.
  14. Oooooh. I like that scarf a lot. I agree that it's a bit much on the bag, but it would be very pretty on a solid colored bag.
  15. I love that scarf. It would look great on a neutral or brown bag, or just tied around your neck!