My trip to Berlin


Show Me The Orange!
Jun 17, 2006
Christmas was quite hectic with lots of parties, lots of things to prepare, my parents being here, etc so as a result I was in a no-frills mood when going to Berlin and also I had forgotten my Longchamp tote at the barn, so I took Ms Evelyne! What a great choice! That bag is such a trooper!

I looked and looked and looked but for the life of me I couldn't see anybody carrying Hermes (and Berlin has 2 stores!!!). There's one boutique on the Ku'damm and another one on the Friedrichstr., which used to be East Berlin but is now the re-awakened very fashionable 'Mitte'. We drove the whole length of the Ku'damm by bus but I couldn't find the H store (did you ever notice that they're kind of 'invisible'? I mean they really don't stand out so much).

Well my mission was to get a belt! I didn't get an opportunity to go H-hunting on the 30th, and the 31st and the 1st were closed, so it had to be the 2nd! I was in a large group, so manoeuvering wasn't so simple! So on the 2nd I declared for the 100th time: I need to get a belt. I am going to Hermes! Since we were in Mitte, I found the boutique on Friedrichstr (had looked up the house number before, thank God) and was given great service!

Did you know that there is a Constance belt and an H belt? When I walked in and said I wanted a Constance belt the manager told me they didn't have any, only the H belt (apparently the Constnace belt is wider). I got the classic choice in black box and gold togo with a brushed Palladium buckle. I love it! Wore it the same night to the ballet and felt very chic!

Anyway, the manager and I started talking about bags and she was molto impressed (and I mean genuinely IMPRESSED - she asked two times if I had ever worked with Hermes) with my knowledge on bags and leathers (she said she never met a customer with so much knowledge - well, she hasn't met any ladies of TPF!!!). I told her that I belong to an international collector's forum and that we talk all day about nothing but Hermes bags, leathers, colours, etc. She admired Ms Evelyne :heart: and I said if I come next time I would bring Ms Kelly. I got to play with a 32 Kelly toile with indigo Clemence. AND I got to play with the Plume Documentes, the one that Specialistparis has. That one I MUST HAVE! It was in chocolate box, and light as a feather. What a great, great, great bag! They also had some beautiful HerBags (didn't seem as if they were discontinued), a Paris Bombay in white Epsom (not my taste), a Sac en V in I forget what, a couple of Trims (one with fringes IIRC), Evelynes and Bolides.

We talked about Birkins and the Manager said that she thinks the Birkins are not that practical, very heavy and that the Kelly is the quintessential Hermes bag (she was obviously a big fan!). Weight-wise she recommended Togo over Clemence for the Birkin. I would have loved to keep on chatting with her and browse and browse and browse, but I had people waiting outside for me.

Did you know that 2007 is the 70th anniversary of the Hermes carree? In the store in Berlin they have scarf-tying events two times a week, so check your local stores for similar events! Aaaahhhh.... I wished I lived there.... that store was sooo nice!!!

Interesting: she asked for my address and was I in the DB and I said I should be - but I wasn't. My nearest store is Vienna and that is a concessioner, so they obviously don't share info with direct H stores (the 2 Berlin stores are direct Hermes ones).

Anyway, a great time was had by all, but all good things must come to an end and I was happy to be home again with my doggie. Looking forward to the next trip though!!
Glad you had such a great time! Now you have your SA in Berlin and can call up for items! Love the belt with the brushed Pall. Saw one last weekend at the Boutique. I have had the same reaction from SA re our knowlege. Our collective brains and the fact that we have all this input from members visiting different boutiques in diff cities/countries have turned us all into super Hermes shoppers. We are a force to be reckoned with! We are the BORG, resistance is futile Ha Ha!
Hello, thanks for the report, nice to know that you had a great time in Berlin. :yes:

I didn't even realize that it's the 70th anniversary until you mentioned it. Did the Berlin store manager mention anything about a special edition scarf being issued?