My Trio of and a question for you all.....

  1. Hi All!

    Feast your eyes on my lovely trio of Spy Bags - Blueberry, Choco and Honey :love:

    I love them all to bits but I can't help having a favourite - one which I prefer just a tad more than the other two

    The leather is super lovely and bubbly on all three so this is all about the colour......

    But before I reveal my favourite, I'd love to hear from you first :graucho:

    So, which is your favourite of my three Spies?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. Pictures of all three and then seperately: -





  3. OMG I am dying here.... :nuts:

    The bubbles on your choco are amazing. The honey is beautiful as well. It's so hard to pick a favourite cos they are 3 very different colours. I like how you have chosen to have some variety. I have the blueberry and I love it... But if I really have to choose I would pick the choco hands down cos of the bubbles.
  4. They're all gorgeous... I think my fav would be the choco leather with the blueberry color :smile:
  5. wow, so pretty. lucky you!! :biggrin:
  6. OMG I nearly died looking at the first pic...:crybaby:they're so beautiful! That's a tough one, I love all three colors. I have the blueberry so I don't know whether this changes my opinion or not but right now I would say I like your honey the best! I'm not sure why...ask me tomorrow and my opinion will probably change:biggrin: I also have a "trio" of spies and my favorites change depending on my mood.
  7. hee hee Sarah you always take the best pics! very cool the way you did them

    Well I am bias as I have blueberry too so I would say that as I had Choco and got rid of her and honey I never had so I vote blueberry!

    They are all stunning though!
  8. gorgeous. me wants!

    i would say that i am loving the choco one right now! it is gorgeous and street, but classy at the same time!
  9. My Fav is definitly the honey. It has a neutral aspect like the choco but a bit more edgy.
  10. WHOA!

    those look delish!

    i'm lovin' the honey...mmm!
  11. :drool::drool::drool::drool: Gorgeous!!! :yahoo:
  12. this is my new wallpaper:biggrin:
  13. Right this minute I like the honey color, but if I look again, I'll pick something different.
    I know- I love them all! Which one do I win?
  14. definitely the choco spy....sooooo yummy!:drool:
  15. I'm voting for the honey because that is the one that I want next. Of course, I would not turn down any one of them, they are all beautiful.
    So when are you going to tell us which is your favorite? :confused1: