my trek out to the HH design shop!!!

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  1. here's how i ended up finding myself in the lovely store-

    so, ive desperately wanted that katya dress, which was sold out in my size (let alone not that cheap) online. i saw on here that the store was still having 80% off clothes...i called them, and they said they could not send it out to me, i had to go in. plus, she said the sale may end soon when they get rid of all the fall stuff...

    i just had to have that dress. so i ventured out into brooklyn (i almost never go there, from the city), transferred trains, walked several blocks, and found myself blissfully happy among a shrine of HH goods.

    i took a few pics as i tried stuff on- the zelda boots are amazing and comfy as you all already know...i did not get those but already ordered the brandy ones, which is NOT really brown like online, but a gorg mahogany IRL. also the gaping at the calf deal was not bad with this pair- there is still ample space in the boot, but te cuff and the height i think made it look okay, and it seems to go a bit higher up on my leg than the madeleines.
    will post when i get it :smile:

    i got the kristy trench (pretty toasty for a trench), the katya dress. but i tried on the dekker leather is SO soft and SO awesome! i want it BAD...but alas it was not on sale...someday.
    01-18-09_1342.jpg 01-18-09_1352.jpg 01-18-09_1354.jpg
  2. Thanks for the shots. I would die to be able to walk in there.
    Did you try on the Sonia jacket as well? I heard that runs a bit small.
  3. Oh my gosh I love the Dekker. I drooled over it on their site, but dismissed it as being too short...looks like the perfect length on you though! Crap, another one to add to my wishlist least there's no grey, I'd really be in trouble then. ;) Congrats on your purchases!!!
  4. So glad that the Zeldas are going to work for you!

    I adore the Katya -- it looks so great on everyone! Leo, and you and I think temo (?)
  5. Dekker is 50% off until Jan 21 on!
  6. actually, what the SA told me was that the one i tried on was a sample...she said the final product will actually be a little longer. she agreed that the length of the one i had on was good, and she didn't know why they'd want to make it longer. in short, its a lot more flattering when worn than on the hanger!
  7. oh god...i forgot about the sale! uh oh...temptation strikes again!
  8. sorry, i did not try on the sonia :sad: i didnt really check out the leather jackets because they weren't on sale and i didn't want to be tempted...but the dekker was right in front when i walked in and i tried it on on a whim. but its super cute!
  9. very cute! I love the bubble hem on the katya dress.
  10. Hmm, so it's even longer IRL than the one you're wearing? How tall are you if you don't mind me asking??
  11. Everything looks great on you! Go for the half-price Dekker online!
  12. i'm only 5'4, most of my height in my torso. i'm not sure how much longer it actually is, its just what the SA said. maybe you can call HH to check?
  13. I was hoping you can answer something for me. Do the boots hug your ankles? Do you know what I mean, like some boots are big around the ankles so they move around. Just wondering since they are on sale. :smile:
  14. Thanks for sharing!!
    I wish I made the trip to see if there was a trench on sale...but I waited too long..
  15. Understandable. The Dekker looked super cute on you. It's 50% now, are you thinking about getting it?