My Travelling Dilema: Luggage

  1. Hello fellow LV LoVers!
    I do alot of travelling and constantly use luggage. I went to the city today and browsed around the luggage range. I am interested in two Keepall 50s with Straps. The Trolley Bosphore 50. I think the suitcases are magnificent but I was advised the were really heavy. Also those beauty case minitaure LV suitcases are excellent. They're all in Monogram Canvas. Please tell me what you think, or some other suggestions. They're all safely standard cabin size except for the potenial suitcases. Appreciate it, thanks!
  2. if you want some rolling suitcases, do you think you could wait like a month or so? LV is coming out with some rolling keepalls as well as some other luggage pieces as well.
  3. Really? wow thanks, yeah I don't leave till March so that's good. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Rolling keepalls? :drool: Are you serious? :nuts::love:
  5. i think it was quoted of being a rolling duffle.. and is a keepall not a duffle? lol.. shrugs. i could be mistaken, but that's what i read on here i think last week. :shrugs:
  6. Keepall or not, any luggage that I can roll shall be good! :p
  7. I would get something that rolls, I used to have a Keepall and what a hassle it was to carry that in my arms all the way in the airport.
  8. Yeah, pretty much. There are 2 sizes a 50 and a 60. My Sa said the 60 will probably not work as a carry on tho...FYI

  9. What other luggage pieces are they coming out with? I only saw the rolling duffle bags.
  10. oooh interesting, things that roll!

    i have a boîte flacons and it's so heavy i've only used it for its intended purpose maybe twice and i blistered my hands both times. besides, now with the restrictions on liquids i wouldn't travel with it anyway even if it were light.