My traveling bags... Anybody who lives near Kansas City or Fort Drum area?


Jun 23, 2008
I just started reading the posts here a few days ago hoping I can find a friend/friends here in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas where my hubby is stationed to attend school. Come June, we're moving to upstate NY. I have been collecting bags for a very long time now. The first designer bag I ever had was a Bottega Veneta suede shoulder bag that my Mom gave me for prom.

These are the bags I have for now and unfortunately, looking at the LV pics posted here makes me miss my bags at home. We move all the time so I decided to still rent my apartment just to house my other stuff back home. I can't ship them to where I am since I don't think freight companies will pay full price for bags lost. These will do for now and will just keep on updating once my other bags arrive here... Hope you like my bags. Just follow the link below...:biggrin: