My Tracy Ad bag came

  1. and it is absolutely now I have to decide about the Edith..or even I purchased two Capra Satchels by in Cinnamon and the other in Basil..
    The Tracy and the two tones are beautiful and the leather is supple. I love it. maggie
  2. congrats, you got to post some piccies of your Tracy so we can see her close up :biggrin:
  3. OMG! How exciting! Pics please!!! Cannot wait!!! Congratulations!
  4. How exciting- I'd love to see pics!!!
  5. It's my NY resolution to finally get pics up...I promise. This bag is amazing. Funny how now that I bought this one...I feel better about the not really whiskey Edith. I'm trying to keep both now. :yes: maggie
  6. Oooh congrats!:yahoo:
    I'd love to see pics too:yes:
  7. What's the difference between the Tracey and the Tracey ad bag?
  8. I love this bag...kind of regret not nabbing it, but unofficial purse ban...
  9. Congrats!!!! Pics pls!!!