My TPF Addiction Sent me to the ER!

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  1. Well, over the weekend I had a headache that started on Friday. It got continually worse and by Sunday night I was holding my head crying. Since I am preggers my hubby called the Advice Nurse and they recommended that I go in to see what was up.

    My Dr. was hilarious. My husband told him that he suspected that I was on the computer too much and the Dr asked what I was doing on the computer so much. I hesitated and explained that I was on a husband laughed and said it was a purse forum. The Dr said, you mean like those? and pointed to my LV Batignolles Horizontal thay my hubby was holding which was stuffed with the Harry Potter hardcover Book 6. The he asked if it (the bag) was real. I yelled, of course it's real! He then asked me how many bags I owned and I sheepishly said maybe 60, maybe more? And he proceeded to tell me that I could get those bags real cheap at China Town.

    Anyway, my diagnosis was tension headache from poor posture and too many hours on the computer as well as carrying too many heavy items on my shoulder (which could also be my baby girl)

    The good news is that I got a good laugh which helped relieve some of the tension and my prescription was as follows:

    No more spending time reading on my laptop
    Buy fake bags because the leather is lighter

    My hubby LOVES this Dr and thinks I should make him my real one!

    By the way, I stayed off TPF all of yestrerday and indeed my head feels better...

  2. LOL!!! Being on the tPF leads me to getting headaches too!
  3. oh no!!
  4. How funny!! Hope you are felling better! You need to buy a 'real bag' it always makes me feel better!HaHa
    Take care;)
  5. lol... this was kinda funny, but i really hope you do feel better! i guess the solution is to cut back on the hours spent on tpf... but no fakes! that's a good enough compromise... hehehe.
  6. I am glad nothing serious.. Your story is cute.. but the doc saying Chinatown.. Oh my!!...
  7. OMG! ROFL!

    (ps- I get stiff necks all the time from being on my laptop too much...heehee!)
  8. Ask the doctor if he would tell patients to go to a fake doctor! Dang
  9. :roflmfao:

    Feel better!
  10. Rileygirl! What a funny story and funny doc! Glad you are feeling better after a short reprieve from tPF!

    After i delivered my baby a couple of weeks ago, my mom said i should stay away from the computer because it would affect my eyes!...I laughed it off and of course i didn't listen cuz i had to come on the purse forum... well, i ended up with a splitting headache for over two days that didn't go away w/tylenol or motrin...we were thinking it could be lack of red meat, caffeine withdrawal, etc.??? But it ended up being the computer! And after a short break from it, the headache was gone... ! And here I am again now...back on tPF!
  11. Hysterical post!

    I'm known around the office for carrying nice bags. One of my superiors came into my office once to ask my opinion on bags... the FAKE ones she got from Chinatown! YIKES! That was a sticky situation!

    I'm glad you're feeling better, but I guess the ban on the forum didn't hold up too long! LOL
  12. This happened with my first pregnancy too...I haven't had problems when I wasn't pregnant. Glad I am not the only nut! Hope the baby is sleeping at night!!!
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. LOL and why are u still here girllll???

    take a rest! :roflmfao:
  15. ^^^Haha, I am on because I am at work and I hate work! My shoulders and neck are starting to hurt again. This is ridiculous! I need a massage! LOL