my TPF addict story..

  1. when im logged on TPF:heart: my domestic partner teases me and calls my "free time" (when the new baby is sleepin) :roflmfao:PURSE WATCHIN' .... LOL im on maternity leave sooo i havent had the luxury to buy a new purse.. soooo i've been scoopin out new ligne and whats hot!!! is that soooo badd.... ??:wlae:
  2. Congrats on the baby! :love: Tpf is super addicting. My BF teases me every time I get a new purse....he always says "Now you've gotta run home and tell all your purse friends about it" :rolleyes: At least you're only looking at what's hot and you're not out shopping maxxing out your credit cards! It never hurts to look! Enjoy your time off! :beach:
  3. I was doing the same thing 8 weeks ago.

    congrats on your baby!
  4. I come on here all the time, its a bit nuts... nothing on the internet or tv satisfies me like tPF :smile: My room mate, who is a boy, actually knows my addiction with tPF and will help me post pics of my bags on here and when I talk about all of you he'll listen and not think I'm crazy ...its quite funny.
  5. I too am obsessed! How can you not be? Congratulations on your new baby!
  6. My daughter calls it "My Space for Purses"
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. it is addicting...and since i just found out about this forum when i took leave i havent really had the chance to take a picture of all my purses to post!! hopefully by next month ill have more time....
  9. My daughter was born exactly one year ago. I was on leave for three months. I got lucky and she slept alot so I was on the computer often lurking on different forums. You are totally normal. My advice to you is to enjoy the free time now because it will get worse.
  10. oh yes, totally addicting! :yes:
  11. Congrats on your baby...
    I don't have a child but freelance and frequently have lots of time off in the summer. I have been spending sooo much time on this hubby has been teasing me too...
  12. This site is sooo addicting - you have to check in everyday or you'll miss out on a great sale! Congrats on your baby!
  13. hahah it is addicting, i've been on for here for 4 hrs already!
  14. Every day??? I swear I'm on every couple hours.
  15. Congrats on the baby!!! And yes--it is addicting. But you aren't hurting anyone and it is a positive space where people appreciate each other! I'm on here every few hours!!!