My tough fashiondesigner boss

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  1. MY tough boss and hard work -
    OK so I am not a fashion designer but I work with one I do not have a title exactly but just call me an assistant not the glorified kind the get me my coffee and it must be 80 degrees with frappe creme etc - you get it the devil wears Pravda OK the pay is not great but the perks are Fing awesome I always get the good stuff when the stylists or whatever are done with it - usually I am at the designers house late at night and she involves me with the designs the thing is I am not a creative person !!!!! I have no ideas if i see something i like , then I like it I do not then how bout this or try this , more so as her fashion is say more contemporary and i go for more " standing out " I really wanna her her some ideas or just one that makes her say wow - anything to earn her respect just once - you super fashion mined people what should I do ? out of fear that someone may write her if I list the website instead I will just add some of her designs - any ideas comments anything that can get her brain going and get me on good terms I will love! ps today she calledme idealess as I dontdesign i go to shops to finmdwhat i like - advice please? if you reconize anything I would lovenot putting my job in danger :smile: but comments ideathings would would do or would have done different ideasoutsode this cool idafor anouitfir..anything ?

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  2. What are you asking for input about? I really can't tell.
  3. any ,any at all i wasjusty showingsome samps isthere anything u would do to oneto make it different?
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    Honestly, I think your boss would have a problem with you putting these designs on the internet. You might want to rethink this approach.

    If you really do not have design ideas, maybe spend some time thinking about what you'd love to do?
  5. :tup: