My Totally Fake Pirata Caramellas

  1. When I purchased my "laptop bag" (Cucciolo) it came with a changing page. But I decided I could use the fabric to make a couple "caramellas". Results below, shown with a Citta Caramella for scale. And a closeup of the smaller one because I'm really pleased with the print placement.
    toki-1.jpg toki0.jpg toki2.jpg toki1.jpg
  2. Wow! They look really good! Hmm if I were that crafty, I should have gotten a citta rosa cucciolo instead of my campeggio. :p
  3. Drems of TOKI,
    I was thinking of doing that too !!! :O)
    Did you make the caramellas yourself ? GOOD WORK!
    I think I might want my mom to make one for me too since I dont think I am gonna be using my Citta Cucciolo Changing Pad!
    & do you still have the pirata material. Maybe you could turn it into a coin purse.
  4. omg that's amazing!! i have a sewing machine but i'm not that good with it yet...i have a paradiso diaper pad...oh that's so kyoot though! i love it!
  5. They were super easy to make. I just took a look at how my Citta Caramella was made and did the same thing. I left off the inside pocket and the caribener because I never use them in the caramella, but other than that it is the same.

    They took about 2 hours to make the two of them and deciding how big and measuring took the longest! I tried to find turquoise lining material but had to settle for bright blue instaed. I probably should have looked harder for rainbow zippers too :smile:

    And yes I still have some more material left. If I can find a shorter zipper I do want to make a small one to use as a coin purse.
  6. Cool! Very nice. :smile:
  7. they look good!
  8. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: Nice work. I'm super jealous. They're better than a caramella b/c one is bigger I think!! I wish I was crafty :sad: My BF has the cucciolo but he'd kill me:death: if I tried to mess w/his baby changing pad...he wraps his computer in it.
  9. OMG that's really good. :wtf:
  10. cool!!! :yahoo: i have been thinking about getting a cucciolo so I can use it as a baby bag eventually... when I have a kid... but I can't decide what print!!!
  11. Great Job! Your talented!!! Lesportsac should hire you to teach them how to make quality bags made with a little TLC :p
  12. I agree w/Lattegrl!! :love:
  13. How does the Cucciolo work as a laptop bag??? What size is your laptop?
    Great idea for the changing pad too!
  14. Nice job! Its not really consider fake cuz it was made with real lesportsac fabric :graucho:

    I was thinking of doing that if I ever got a cucciolo, its not like Im going to use the changing pad :biggrin:
  15. It's a great laptop bag. I bought a plain neoprene sleeve to protect the laptop and it fits in either the backpocket or inside. I LOVE IT!!