my total guilty pleasure: ONEtreeHiLL!

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  1. okay .. so i may be a little old for the show .. but i :heart::heart::heart: it! and these last few episodes have totally had be bawling at some points :crybaby:.. or yelling in anger at the tv! :cursing: haha!

    anyone else :heart: the show like i do? haha ..
  2. ok .. so no one likes it like i do :crybaby: [lol!]

    .. but that's okay .. i'll just have a little convo with myself! haha! .. :nuts:

    only one more episode left! omg! .. i don't know what i'll do! i'm going to totally go with withdrawls over the summer!
  3. I love OTH!! I thought yesterday was the season finale but turns out its next best friend and I are so excited!!
  4. ^^ yay! another oth lover! i can't wait either! wahooo! so excited :yahoo:
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