My topaz stam, color care?

  1. Hi ladies, I just bought this topaz stam:love:. :heart::heart:I LOVE it:heart::heart:, but it has a few spots on it where the lovely topaz color has worn away a little. It looks like it might have been from the chain rubbing. It doesn't really bother since I bought this to be an everyday bag, but is there anything I can do about these little "bald areas?. Also I want to take good care of her, so any ideas on preventing the "balding" from going any further would be great!:heart:(you can see the bald area on the lower right hand corner of the bag in the first pic)


  2. i don't have any suggestions but, i will say that is an awesome color! congrats.
  3. hey spacey,

    where did you get the bag?? on eBay?? i looked and I don't recall seeing a topaz that was new or great condition within last month (that was below 650$).
  4. I did get it on eBay;). I got it for a STEAL! $492 including shipping!
    I posted on the "Authenticate. . " forum first of course, then I made a best offer. It's perfect, everything in order, zipperheads and serial tag are all correct. I think it was the same seller that JuicyMe got her cashew stam from. I knew there were a few boo-boos but they are much less apparent in real life than in the pics.:love:
  5. OMG - what a STEAL!! Congrats!

    The topaz color is so gorgeous.
    I've been looking for a little Stam in either that color or in petrol for forever!!
    (sorry for going off-topic, but how much should a little Stam cost on eBay if a large Stam only costs $492?!)
  6. I LOVE that color! What a great deal! :smile:

  7. There actually is a baby stam in petrol(I think) up on ebay right now, it was authenticated yesterday or the day before in that forum(you should look for it, not sure if anyone has snagged it yet). I think the baby stams are going for anywhere from $350-$600 depending on condition and season. :heart:
  8. ooops, my bad!
  9. ^ You got me so excited for a second there!!

    If only the green wasn't so bright, I think I would have bought it. Is this color really that green in real life?
    And is this color really hard to find?

    Sigh... if anyone finds a little Stam in Petrol or Topaz, please let me know!!
  10. I actually found an old thread on the Green color:

    Is this an accurate representation of the color?
    I can't believe how mcuh of a difference flash makes on the color!!

    ^ spacey, I can't get over how beautiful the Topaz color is! I think it might be hard to find something to cover that up, but maybe a good moisturizer will prevent additional rubbing of the color.
  11. Congrats, great bag spacey, perhaps you could try a little bit shoe polish in the same colour. :smile:
  12. nice you have it! great style!