My Top 20 Designers!!!!!!!! (Gucci #1)

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  1. Here is a list of designers on my "Top 20 Designers" List!!!!!!

    1) Gucci :yes: :heart:33333333333333333
    2) Versace :heart:3333333333333
    3) Prada :heart:333333333333
    4) Coach :heart:33333333333
    5) Chanel :heart:333333333
    6) Calvin Klein :heart:33333333333
    7) Agatha :heart:333333333333
    8) Celine :heart:333333333333
    9) BCBG :heart:33333333333
    10) Louis Vuitton :heart:33333333333333333
    11) Lacoste :heart:3333333333
    12) Laura Ashley :heart:333333333333
    13) Kate Spade :heart:333333333
    14) Van Heusen :heart:33333333333333
    15) Lee :heart:33333333333
    16) Ralph Lauren :heart:333333333
    17) Timberland :heart:333333333
    18) Oxygen :heart:3333333
    19) Armani :heart:333333333
    20) Le Tigre :heart:333333333

    Please comment!!!! Thanks for reading ;)
  2. Wow im surprised "LACOSTE" is placed above other more expensive brands .. Would u consider it a high-end fashion label even tho its quite cheap?

    My "Top Designers" list would probably be quite similar to yours! Hehe ..
  3. OMG!! I love Lacoste!! It's like a cheap luxury...I bought the best Lacoste perfume like two months ago and it was even better than the more expensive brand perfumes...I think Lacoste sends a good message about a person as're seeking the best quality for the least money :woohoo:

    Thanks for replying :smile:

    ~ When life fails you, Gucci consoles!!!! ;)
  4. I would put gucci as my number one for bags - but I do not see coughFENDIcough which i would rate right up there........!
  5. No love for Dolce?
  6. gucci nr one for me is well...
  7. I think 5 brands are enough for me (lol) ...

    1. Chanel
    2. Balenciaga
    3. Louis Vuitton
    4. Marc jacobs
    5. Gucci :Push:
  8. My top 10...

    1. Gucci
    2. Chanel
    3. L.V
    4. Dolcie & Gabbana
    5. Prada
    6. Chloe
    7. Balenciaga
    8. Stella McCartney
    9. Kookai
    10. Fendi
    i could list more but 10 is enough for any girl!!!
  9. my top 9:

    Louis Vuitton
    Dolce & Gabbana
    Miu Miu
  10. My Top 10:

    Louis Vuitton
    Yves Saint Laurent
    Bottega Veneta