My tooth feels weird, help!

  1. I know we have lots of dentists and dental assistants on tpf, so if anyone of you are reading this, please give me some advice. I woke up last night had a weird sensation on my back tooth (corner left top). It feels like a very small pressure like when the dentist pushes on it with the metal thing, so it's not really pain, it's just pressure. Then I had a headache this morning, which is mostly gone but the small pressure on the tooth is still there. Weird thing is I blew my nose and I could feel alot of pressure above the tooth as I was blowing my nose. What in the world is that? Am I getting a cavity? Should I go to the dentist asap or do you think it'll pass?
  2. Well, I'm not a dentist but had a feeling like this once and it was because and old filling of mine had leaked so a new cavity kinda started..... Hopefully someone with a dental background will chime in, but I would just make an appointment if you can......
  3. I'm not in the dental field, but I knwo what you are talking about. I had that once too, and it turned out the tooth was infected and the gumline was swollen. It was also a back tooth, upper side, and the swelling was into the sinus cavity. My dentist at the time told me it's common to feel something like pressure when you blow your nose, since the swelling is literally IN the sinus by then.

    Call your dentist ASAP to get it looked at. This isn't the kind of infection you want to ignore.
  4. Definitely go tot he dentist asap! It sounds like a cavity is forming but you don't wanna take a chance on this incase it is.
  5. Ok, then, I didn't know if it was important, since it's not at all like a pain sensation. Plus, I haven't had a cavity in like 20 years and I remember as a child how awful the pain for cavity was.
  6. So the dentist gave me appt for Monday. I guess since I wasn't dying in pain or anything, I wasn't a real emergency. I hope it goes away by then. When I bend over, it throbbs around the area and I get headaches for a short a short time, I've never had a sinus infection, so I don't really know to expect.
  7. It could be sinuses since it's the upper tooth. I had a terrible tooth ache with pressure (upper left wisdom tooth) and I needed a crown but my nose was bothering me too. I think I had both a tooth problem and sinus infection.
  8. When I put my hand on my left cheek and push down, it feels tender, so it must be kind of sinus thing. I was totally healthy yesterday and bam today, I'm out of it :sad:
  9. Sounds more like a sinus infection, they can actually cause tooth pain and tenderness, but I'm glad you have an appt with the dentist. Might want to go to your primary doc, too.

    Not to..gross you out, but what color are your nasal secretions? Oftentimes, yellowish secetions mean infection, and green, allergies.
  10. ^:throwup: I used to work in childcare and big radioactive green boogers meant "uh-oh, time for me to call your mum because you need to go home" LOL

    Back to the tooth dilemma, I've felt this before too and I went to the dentist and it was most definitely not my tooth - it was sinal - I had a sinus infection (which then became middle ear infection UGH) and the pressure was (for some weird reason) coming out in my tooth - as you said, there was no pain in the tooth, just this weird pressure tickle. The dentist said something about the nerves being sort of connected sometimes and that can set it off.
  11. thanks everyone, last night I woke up because my cheek was bothering me, I took advil, it didn't do anything. I don't have any secretions, it's just my whole left cheek area, it has a pressure feeling.