My Tomato!!!!!

  1. I just received my tomato first, thank you everyone for encouraging me, I love it. My first red bag!!!

    aug 4 006.jpg

    aug 4 007.jpg
  2. So ebautiful:smile: I am really warming to the tomato reds!
  3. Ooooohhhh...congrats, spylove, on your Tomato First!!! The color and leather are just TDF!
  4. Holy Tomato! That is one beautiful first you have there! Congratulations. :yahoo:
  5. Lovely colour! Congrats!
  6. That red is amazing!
  7. Really gorgeous!! Red is such a HOT color. Really makes every outfit more special! Congrats!!!
  8. Gorgeous, love Tomato, congrats!
  9. woohoo! another tomato first sister, there's quite a few of us now.
  10. Congratulations! What a lovely color!:tender:
  11. congrats on the tomato!! she's lovely!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous! I wonder why they called it tomato it looks more like a juicy Strawberry to me. Congrats on your new beauty!
  13. it's beautiful! :tup:that color is really getting to me! :graucho:
  14. Gorgeous! So pretty ... congrats!
  15. congrats on your red hot tomato bag! everytime i see this color, i can't help but to think what a hot sexy color it is.