My Tokidoki Pixies :D

  1. Tokidoki for Lesportsac :love:

    1) Giocco style, Foresta print
    2) Mammia Mia style, Pirata print (left pix)
    3) Bambinone style, Pirata print (right pix)

  2. Awwwwwwww!!!!!!! The Piratas are soooooo cute!!!!!!!! I keep thinking about pirates of the carribean! heehee! Great collection! I want one sooo bad-lesportsac needs to open up in Chicago
  3. Cute bags! How do you like the Giocco style? For some reason I thought it was a huge bag, but when I tried one on at Macy's recently I realized it was a great size! I'm considering getting one in a future print.
  4. Adorable collection! Love the Buon Viaggio.
  5. great collection! I love the pirate print...
  6. I like those :yes: I just recently started noticing the Tokidoki bags but they are really cute and unique
  7. So colorful and cute!!
  8. love 'em!
  9. They're cute!
  10. Love them :love:
  11. They're adorable! Great collection!
  12. very adorable collection :smile:
  13. I love the pirata bags! So cute!
  14. I love the foresta print one. Cute collection!
  15. thanks! :biggrin: just starting out..kinda late lol

    lambfastionista: the gioco style is ok..though when i first got it i thought it was kinda too big for my more of a messenger type of gal... this was the first bag i ever got that had so much room :biggrin: i rarely use it though..i dont have much things to fit in that bag lol ... sometimes i get frustrated cuz it falls off my shoulder in occasions...other than that its a great bag...i love the print!!