My tokidoki iskin...that i made!!!!!!

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    Awesome right? Lol. i made it while i was at my friends house. she just recently known about tokidoki and now she is obsessed. >.< she asked me if i wanted to make a tokidoki ipod skin and i was all like YAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! i was so excited. she had plenty of these ipod shaped papers she bought from Big Lots and she let me use one! awesome. i want lots of those papers!!!! This Friday the 13th wasn't unlucky after all. it was pretty fun. :tup:
  2. :drool::drool: that's so cute!! how did u make that?
  3. oh that looks soooo cool!! u gotta give us the details on this!
  4. cute! ^__^!
  5. So cute and great craftmanship!! Hey, I love the HULA girl .. awww ... so pretty! Let us in on how you manage to create such a beautiful iskin!
  6. well what my friend did was she already had this paper that had an outline of the ipod that she bought and then she basically printed the thing out. its just a sticker type of thing. i'm not perfectly sure what she did... i was to busy getting annoyed by her little sister. lol. dah only hard part was finding a picture. Everything was too cute!
  7. i just told her what placement i wanted the picture to be and which picture i wanted. i had the easy job. my friend is the pretty crafty... :smile:
  8. that really is super duper cool...i wonder if there are templates online that could be printed out and used to make the stickers from scratch??? Hmmmm??:wondering
  9. What kind of paper is it...? Does that mean if it gets wet it's ruined?
  10. sweet action!
  11. i doesn't get ruined when its wet. the paper is some type of sticker paper that is like covered with plastic or something. but just in case i use a clear case to cover it. you can see it but its extra protected! :okay:
  12. the paper is some type of glossy sticker paper.
  13. Know where she got this paper from? lolz..i'm really interested :biggrin: haha.
  14. wow that is awesome!! :biggrin:
  15. That is so cool!!!! Tell us more...