My Tokidoki Day

  1. I'm excited and I wanted to share! In the very near future I plan to go into labor and head to the hospital... i've was getting pretty nervous about the big day even thought this will be my 2nd child.. anyway, I was nervous and scared until I realized i'm going to go into the hospital with style! Hahahahahahah I get to show of my Tokidoki purse (currently my Spiaggia Zucca), my
    Tokidoki diaper bag (Pirata Cucciolo), and my Tokidoki overnighter (Olive Cammo Luna)!!!!

    Hahahahah i'm so exited about showing off my Tokis... and welcoming my son into the worls!:graucho:

    Hahahah okay, i'm done.
  2. heheh :biggrin: yeah go in toki style !! :biggrin: im sure the nurses there would love it too! :graucho:
  3. That is exciting. I work in OB/GYN and I've never seen anyone w/ a tokidoki baby bag. You will have by far the cutest baby bag. Goodluck with the delivery! Did you buy the baby any toki yet?
  4. yeah the cute onesies :biggrin:
  5. Not yet, well... I did buy him a toy! The baby bottle from the Moofia collection! I'm waiting until after my baby shower to see what I get. I have a feeling those who KNOW me will get me the Tokidoki onesies for my little guy!
  6. aww that'd be cuuuute you have to take pictures of him if or rather when you do!
  7. Will do. I only wish Tokidoki made clothing for toddlers. My daughter loves Tokidoki but all I can get her are hair clips and small bags.. but those are so expensive.. especially for a 4 year old!
  8. yeah i know!! :biggrin:
  9. My daughter's 6, and I recently bought her a dolce. It's a great size for her and terribly cute. She loves it!!
  10. Ohh, congrats on your upcoming baby!! You're having it in style!!
  11. Yay MamaxJam!! Everyone is gonna love your new baby and your toki bags. You'll be bringing another toki fan into the world :smile: early congrats !!!
  12. aww, cuuuute :biggrin:!!! hope you're doing just fine!
  13. now i want a baby so i can dress her up in tokidoki onesies! :smile:

    haha i love the "i can't wait to show off my tokidoki!...and welcoming my son into the world"
  14. don't forget MAMA, you can wear your momo/adios shirt (you got it from karmaloop right) and over that your storm hoodie!!! hehe.

    BTW, you said you're post pics of you in it w/your prego belly...........I wanna see!! :yes:
  15. YES YES go in style!! :smile: You've got the goods so go show them off!! :smile: Your sons will know about tokis from the day they were born!

    yes, take pictures!! Before and afters!! haha :smile: I hope your friends get you onesies for the baby shower! Those things are so adorable!! I have this URGE to spoil my cousin's kids.. hehe :smile:

    Congrats! on the near labor-period.. (I dont know what to name it! hehe)