My Tokidoki Collection

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  1. Here's my entire and current collection:

    I have sold my OP Angioletto, OP Bella and 2 Tan Playground Buon Viaggios.

    DSC_7967.JPG DSC_7972.JPG DSC_7977.JPG DSC_7979.JPG DSC_7984.JPG
  2. DSC_7995.JPG DSC_7998.JPG DSC_1047.JPG DSC_7825.JPG
  3. OP Campeggio
    Trasporto Nuvola
    OP, Foresta and Trasporto Mamma Mia
    DSC_7911.JPG DSC_7948.JPG DSC_7995.JPG DSC_7998.JPG
  4. Stellinas
    OP Mamma
    DSC_7991.JPG IMG_0527.JPG
    Oops! I've forgotten about my OP Ciao. Will update later.

    Will be posting up my sold items too.
  5. I love your collection!!! Why are alot of them in plastic bags?
  6. Yikes, realised some of the pictures were not being uploaded. Probably need to re-size them smaller. So far I've only used one Tokidoki which was the OP Bella that I later sold off. Other than that, I basically haven't used the rest so some are still in the original plastic package. More pics to come! Stay tuned!
  7. OMG, luv your OP collection!! :heart:
  8. WOW!!! I love the OP pieces.
    You have an amazing collection! I am so jealous!!
    Very nice, very very nice!
    thank you for sharing the pictures!
  9. Beautiful collection!
  10. Absolutely beautiful collection :smile:
  11. Thanks all for your compliments!:love:

    Here's more:

    2 Tan Playground Buon Viaggios (sold)
    OP and Camo Bella Bella
    OP Ciao
    OP Bella (sold)
    DSC_7772.JPG IMG_1244.JPG IMG_1272.JPG IMG_1273.JPG IMG_1247.JPG
  12. Now I go by print categories:
    I first started out with the Original Spring 2006 Print and Camo on the first pic.
    Foresta Collection
    Lamore Collection
    Trasporto Collection
    Paradiso Collection
    DSC_1068.JPG IMG_1016.JPG IMG_1342.JPG DSC_5218.JPG DSC_7784.JPG
  13. ...Foresta...Cucciolo...*dies*

    And so many Mammas and Mamma Mias! How on earth did you find all those rare ones?
  14. whats the style name of the big foresta with two velcro pockets?
  15. looks like it's a cucciolio.
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