my toki treat from envii!

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  1. I finally got my foresta caramella in the mail yesterday!
    thank you envii for all your wonderful help finding this!!
    can't wait to use it! :P

    vmasters: we need someone to do toki surgery on our caramellas so you have one of my placements, and i have one of yours on em!

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  2. aww how cuuute
  3. Wow! Sandy on the swing right in the middle. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  4. aw thanks! i think that's the only foresta piece i could not ever find anywhere, not even on ebay. (but i haven't checked lately)

    envii ty ty! :P
  5. Very pretty...*SIGH* I need my FORESTA!!!!! lol.........*sigh* ok done venting...need to make $$.
  6. u will get ur foresta real soon! :graucho:
  7. aww too cuute! congrats leen and :tup: for envii's help!

    boy pretty soon you're gonna have every single style in foresta!!
  8. Cute caramella!! Very nice!!
  9. Love your avatar, Leen619. Totoro is :happydance:!!!
  10. i dunno if that's possible.. it would be so nice tho! :yes: to hard to find a MM and Ciao that's not sky rocketted on ebay (if it's even listed!) :wtf:
  11. Leen: Your caramella is soo pretty ! Congrats !
  12. aw u like him too!! i luv all the hayao miyazaki films -anything from studio ghibli!
  13. envii comes to the rescue!
  14. Oooh very purty!!!:drool: I like Sandy all centered!:graucho:
  15. cuteeeeee!