My toki is here!! Pictures!

  1. HOORAY! My mom came home and gave me the toki that I purchased from Southampton!! It all looks great~ My favorite is the Paradiso, by far! (It's got the blue-haired rocker boy on it!)

    Here are links to pictures of my 3 denaros and my 3 bags - the pirata I got for my birthday last week, but I haven't been able to show it off yet~

    The pirata bag is pretty much the same print on both sides :sad: As well as the Playground Denaro. But I still love them to death!! They all look so lovely sitting on my wall-hook :biggrin:
  2. :huh:hhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... very nice!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  3. Thank you! :smile:
  4. awesome paradiso dolce!
  5. Adorable stuff!! :yahoo: Thanks for sharing!! Is your playground bag a bella or a bella bella I can't tell from the pic :confused1: .
  6. It's a bella~ :biggrin:
  7. Thank you!!! I love it so much :biggrin: I think the placement rocks! :yahoo:
  8. I looked at your pics again...and I agree, your paradiso dolce is adorable...I kinda wish I got it in dolce instead of bambinone
  9. thats mad cute
  10. It's not too late :graucho: another!! :graucho:
  11. Congrats!! It's super cute! I have a bella bella in that print and I too have the lattes on the front like yours are! :love:
  12. Love the lattes in love in front of your playground bella or bella bella. I also love your paradiso! Awesome collection!
  13. All these tokidoki at once. Lucky girl. I love the blue hair rocker guy on paradiso. So cute.
  14. He's my favorite! I was so pleased when I saw he was smack right on the front :biggrin:
  15. Thanks so much everyone!!!