My Toki Goodies came in today!!

  1. YAY -Happy Monday for me! :p

    I got a couple of little Foresta pieces and a Playground Mamma Mia in the mail today! :nuts:
    Foresta Porta 2-.jpg Foresta Braccialleto 2-.jpg PG Mamma Mia --leen.jpg
  2. :drool::drool::drool: Leen...OMGGGGGGG a couple of goodies came in today??? They're fabulous goodies!! Where did you get the foresta's absolutely PERFECT!! Congrats!! :love::love::love::love:
  3. I wasn't suppose to buy anything, but I saw it on LJ and I fell in love with that darn monkey and dinosaur egg!! (thank you to swyntell) :p
  4. Oh my goodness all of your stuff is TDF but I :heart::heart::heart: that bracelet!! :drool: Congrats!! Are you super happy? And is that a PG BV? It's great!! I can't believe you got them from LJ...I don't think I know how to read b/c I'm a member and I didn't see any of this stuff :nuts:
  5. oh wait.. i got the foresta pieces on LJ, but I got the PG Mamma Mia from a Japan website. Thanks to a dear co-worker that lives there on military base!!

    Oh and yes! i'm super happy cause i didn't pay an arm and a leg for the MM! Well compared to what it went for on evilbay!! egads!
  6. Beautiful bags!
  7. thank u mamma22boys!
  8. OMG leen!!! I love your PG Mamma Mia!:drool: I wish I could find one too for less than retail.
  9. Wow!! You rock :rochard:Leen..congrats on your new stuff!
  10. Congrats. Very beautiful bags
  11. Well it's not like i exactly paid less than retail on the MM lmao!
    Boy i wish! LOL -I'd say i paid $30 over retail and $7 bux shipping. So i think i'm good with that! lol
  12. Leen, can you share your secret Japanese source website? :graucho: Just kidding, we don't want the lurkers to find it!! Your new bags are unbelievably cute!
  13. Ugh! So jealous! I've seen 2 japanese websites I've wanted to order from (with discounted Tokis!!) and neither ship to the US.. and what sucks even more is that I don;t know anyone in japan :sad:

    Awesome placement on the MM though.. and super cute braccieleto! I was tempted to buy that too!
  14. Wow I love your mamma mia... blaah, makes me want to go and find one for myself!! You're so lucky!
  15. LoL... *cough cough*